Monday, July 27, 2015

Weight Gurus Weightless Bathroom Scale

Alright, so I used to be obsessed with weighing myself. Every day every pound mattered. It was a little insane. I've learned that most of the fluctuations are water weight and to not fret as much. As long as I'm within a good range then I'm happy. There is no perfect number. It depends on what you are made of. It depends on where you are carrying your weight. I do like to check my progress occasionally though. It helps keep me gauged, focused, and motivated.

A month or two ago I finally had to toss my old scale. It was kind of a sad day. I had really mixed feelings. I knew I would have to invest in a new scale which sucked. But I had a lot of memories with my old scale. Is it weird to be sentimental towards a scale? I'm sure it is. I had been using this scale for 10+ years. And if you know my history then you'd understand why this scale brought so many emotions when I had to separate myself from it.

I soon found out that only being able to weigh myself when I went to the gym (which is rare), or to my Mom's house wasn't very convenient. Plus, it was after I already had ingested food or liquid, and never at the same time of day. When I did happen to weigh myself I jotted it down on a piece of paper with intentions of logging it in my weight journal at some point. Those little scraps of paper hardly ever end up being logged though and so most of my tracking gets lost.

Luckily, Weight Gurus sent me a scale to test out. Hallelujah! It is so nice having a scale again. And this is the best scale I have ever owned. And probably the best scale I have ever used, but that's because of the app that came with it.

These are actual screenshots from my phone.

My old scale was the mechanical type that had to be calibrated every time you used it. And you could only see differences in pound increments. This meant that most of my measurements weren't very accurate.

I love my new digital scale. It takes the guesswork out of reading the number. In addition, I can see smaller differences in my weight. Sometimes knowing that you lost half a pound can make a huge difference in my effort. It shouldn't, but it does.

And you have no idea how truly excited I was that my scale came equipped with batteries! None of this "Batteries Not Included" bull. lol. And it automatically turns itself on and off, so you don't waste your batteries. I don't know about you, but these are precious commodities at my house. We are always out of them. I think the sock trolls have upgraded.

The scale is also capable of storing 8 separate user identities. Holy cow! My Mom's scale only allowed for three users and there were five of us. Only the truly dedicated were given priority. This scale should accommodate most families, even us Mormons. Jkjk. Although I think it only stores your most recent weigh-in. And it has a 400 lb capacity so it should accommodate most users as well.

The red line is a day I forgot to weigh-in.

You can also weigh yourself in the weightless version! What is weightless weighing? Well, you can set your measurements to read only your progress and not your scale number. Instead of reading that you are 147 lbs today, it would read that you didn't go to the gym this week and are +1.7 lbs or if you have stuck to your diet then maybe it would read that you are -5.4 lbs. I really like to see just my progression. It keeps me from focusing on the number of the day. When I see the + I know that I have been slacking and need to do better.

Being able to use the free app is such a lifesaver! Instead of jotting my weight down on a piece of paper and losing it, my numbers go straight to my cell. It is not bluetooth enabled, but they do have an upgraded version that is. After weighing yourself, you simply press the "+" button in the app and focus the QR code in your screen and it is in your phone! Just make sure you actually confirm the number is correct by pressing the "Submit" button. I made the mistake of just leaving the screen each time. Later on I realized I never actually logged those measurements. Oops! It's really not hard to use at all. I just have a knack for making things harder than they need to be.

And the sticker is more like a window cling-on. It came right off.

So, if you're in the market for a new scale, or want to enter the digital age with me then I definitely recommend this scale. It has worked perfect for me. 
You can find it on Amazon HERE
This company stands behind their product and provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and 5 Year Warranty. 

I received mine for free as a product to test and review. However, these are my own opinions and truly reflect how I feel about the product. If you have any questions for me just leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter

Need I say more?
But I am going to anyways...

I am a weirdo when it comes to pizza. I used to take all of the cheese off my pizza. After I had my first daughter my tastes changed. Luckily! Now I eat my pizza with the cheese left on. But I still take the pepperonis off. And I really only enjoy pizza with red sauce. I like Hawaiin pizza. That's all. I'll eat other kinds, but I don't enjoy them. 

With all of that, I know somebody that's even weirder than I am when it comes to pizza. My neighbors growing up were psychotic. We were casually hanging out one day when they made pizza. As they prepared to serve it, I waited for them to pull out a pizza cutter. They never did. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, they were cutting the pizza in half with scissors! 
What in the world!!??? 
It was madness! 
Who cuts pizza with scissors? Scissors are for paper, not food. How can scissors cut through dough? I was literally traumatized. I couldn't eat it. I still can't eat a pizza without images of pizza-cutting scissors flashing before me. I can't explain it. It is probably one of the strangest things I have ever seen.

And did I mention how gross it was? They just rinsed them off and put them back with the pencils. I'm sure their scissors were quick to rust. They ate a lot of pizza. 

There is a much easier way to cut your pizza. It's called a pizza cutter. It makes it very quick, clean, and simple to cut your pizza. Plus, you can use it to cut all of your other food items that you might be tempted to use scissors on. That way you can leave your scissors for craft projects. You can cut up hot dogs, waffles, salad, cheese, quesadillas, apple slices, and crescent dough. I'm sure there are a million other things that you can find to cut with your pizza cutter, but let's stick with pizza for now.

I was given the opportunity to try out a new and improved pizza cutter. They actually just updated their design and made it 4x stronger beginning June 18th, 2015. I haven't owned a pizza cutter in over five years. I thought I could live without one. But you have no idea how wonderful it is to finally own one again! You might think I am exaggerating for the sake of this post, but you are wrong. I actually am enthralled to be using a pizza cutter again. 

I have been using a large knife to cut my pizzas, and it's always a pain. I have gotten burned, nicked, and messy. I have dulled my knife, taken all of the cheese off the top (when I wanted it left on), and not cut the pizza all the way through. Not anymore though. I haven't had these issues since I started using my new pizza cutter. Pizza life is simple again. 

I love this pizza cutter because it is comfortable to use. And it works. The handle is thick, curved, and easy to hold. The blade is sharp and rolls smooth and easily. It can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand. It is also easy to store. It fits in nearly every drawer. I would recommend to keep it somewhere that your kids can't easily get to it though. It is sharp, fun, and unsheathed. 

If you would like to make your pizza nights a little more simple, and not scissor-psychotic, then definitely check out Kitchen Monster's pizza cutter. 
You can find it on Amazon HERE.
Or on their website HERE

I received mine for free so that I could test the product. This review is my honest opinion of how well it functions. If you have any questions you can contact the company via their website, Amazon, or leave it in the comment form below. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Magnetic Baby Locks Giveaway!

Purple Safety is giving away one free pack of the same baby safety locks that I used in my post: Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

These are amazing! They are easy to install, secure, and invisible. Ok, well not really invisible. But you can't tell that they are there until you open the door. And you can't tell that they were ever there once they've been removed. No more drilling holes into all of your cupboards, doors, and drawers!

If you would like a chance to win one of these packs then just fill out the form below. The company will ship the product directly to you. No need to be local! 

Good Luck!

Magnetic Baby Safety Locks Giveaway

Monday, July 20, 2015

Iron Chest Master

I have had the painful pleasure of trying out the Iron Chest Master for the past month. I say painful pleasure because it made me sore and happy. I LOVE fitness gadgets and this has quickly become a favorite.

The bands are removable to adjust the position and resistance

I was like a little kid on Christmas when it arrived. I jumped with joy when I saw the package and tore it from the box as quickly as I could. Luckily, there are Quick Start instructions included and it takes only seconds to adjust it to your level. I skimmed through the instructions as fast as I could and put it to use.


I could definitely tell it had been a long time since I had worked out my chest. If you're looking for a device to target your chest muscles specifically then this is it. I could feel the muscles desperately contracting. A few moments later, my husband walked in and his curiosity sparked. He fiddled with it for a moment and then tried it out himself. He was a little shocked that it really worked and was a workout for him.

You can adjust the arm span.
But it really shouldn't have surprised us. The Iron Chest Master was created by Ron Williams. He is one of the most decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the world. He has won over 250 titles in his career, including Mr. Natural World, Natural Olympia, and Mr. Natural Universe. Ron has been a Master Fitness Trainer for the Army, a Professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and a Regional Chairman for the NGA. So, I am fairly certain that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to fitness.

The Iron Chest Master has 5 different levels. It can accommodate any fitness level from beginner to the elite user. It was designed by integrating six of the most popular and effective chest exercises. It combines the
  • power position(TM) and strength of the Bench Press
  • indivduality of each side of the body carrying its own weight or resistance like the Dumbbell Press
  • ability to concave the chest allowing you to capitalize on the pectoral deltoid tie-ins like the Push-Up
  • peak contraction using the Arc Movement(TM) - without the excess strain on the biceps that you get from doing Cable-Crossovers
  • arc like what you get when using the Pec Deck, but without the pressure and strain that is placed on the elbow joint 
  • movement of the Dumbbell Fly without the instability, plus a continuous increase in resistance throughout the entire range of motion; whereas the Fly has decreased resistance at the top of the repetition. This makes the Iron Chest Master(TM) safer and more productive for the body. (Williams, Ron. Fitness and Instruction Guide. 2013. Page 11)
 Alright, so how does it work? I can't explain it all in one blog post. So here is a little preview of what it's all about...

That was a really brief explanation, I know. This contraption is so in depth though. 
If you really want to know more then you can check out their site

Each Iron Chest Master comes with a DVD Program, Bands, Exercise Chart, Fitness & Instruction Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Nutrition Guide.

I love The Iron Chest Master. It has helped me so much. I know that I am going to continue to get tons of use from it. 
If you would like to check them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE.

I received this product complimentary in return for my honest review. These are my own personal opinions.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

We had only been living in oir new house for two months when I had a scary mommy moment. I was taking care of my one month old and realized my almost three-year-old was being suspiciously quiet. I found her under the kitchen table eating baking soda by the spoonful. As I entered the room she looked up at me and said, "Mmm.. This tastes good!" Ahhhh!!! I eas horrified and panicked. Needless to say, we ended up calling poison control which sent us to the ER. A long night, many tears, and $300 later we found out she was perfectly fine. I was so grateful that was okay, but upset that this had happened.

Yes, we should have had baby locks already installed. But it had been  busy couple of months. We bought and moved to our first home, had a baby, replaced our water heater, replaced our washer and dryer that were broken in the move, and forced to renovate the laundry room to redirect pipes and wires. I was doing all of the unpacking myself and had not thought of making the locks easy to find. 

I hate my old baby locks. They are the old plastic pueces that require to use some awkward finger manipulation to pry those bad boys open. They are not the most convenient or easy locks to use. You need a drill and screws to install and they permanently damage your cupboards. Plus, if you have smart kids, they can figure out how to use them.

That's why I am in love with the Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Purple Safety. They were extremely easy to install and my kids can't open them by themselves. I messed up installing the one and was easily able to remove and correct it.

Each pack comes with four magnetic locks. It also includes one large unlocking magnet. There is a separate magnetic piece that you can attach to nearly any surface. It is meant to be a placeholder for the unlocking magnet. That way you never lose it... well, as long as you always put it back. You can also just stick it to any metal surface that it can magnetize to. The magnet can unlock through 1.5" surface. And you only need a 1.8" surface to attach the locks. It can work on most cabinets. Plus, these don't require any screws or drills and so they won't ruin your furniture.

You can flip the switch so that it won't lock.

Just make sure you watch the instructional video and measure your surface before you buy!

If you have a baby or a toddler then please make sure your hazards are all locked up! Don't make the same mistake I did. It could end a lot worse. 

You can find them on Amazon HERE.
Or on their website HERE.

I purchased mine at a discount.
But if you want a chance to win one free pack for yourself then enter HERE!

Monday, July 13, 2015

26 Uses for your Ice Cube Tray

I have a refrigerator with a built-in ice machine. Sometimes I still find that I need an ice cube tray though. There are so many more uses for them than you may have known. Here are 26 for you to start with:

  1. Make Ice Cube Paint for a fun summer activity for the kids.
  2. Create Striped Ice Cubes to add extra vitamins to your drinks.
  3. Make Blueberry Cheesecake Bites that are only 10 calories per treat.
  4. Instead of tossing out that last bit of Costco spinach, make Spinach Ice Cubes to make green smoothies. 
  5. Or Kale.
  6. Enjoy some healthy Infused Water to keep you hydrated on hot days.
  7. Use your leftover coffee to make Coffee Ice Cubes for your iced coffee. This helps cool your coffee without watering it down.
  8. Or you can add the Coffee Ice Cubes to Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, or regular Milk.
  9. Or you can reverse it and freeze your milk to add to your coffee or hot chocolate.
  10. Or you can freeze your sweetener in your milk and make Milk and Honey Ice Cubes.
  11. Freeze your creamer and make Flavor Shots for your coffee or hot chocolate. 
  12. Drink some Chilled Milk with Chai Tea Ice Cubes.
  13. Easily make Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
  14. Preserve fresh herbs in olive oil to add to your recipes later on. Great for stews, roasts, soups, and sauteeing. Olive Oil Herb Cubes.
  15. Freeze strawberries and blueberries in water or Sprite to make a Patriotic Drink.
  16. Make homemade Baby Food that you can freeze in perfect portions!
  17. Play with some Erupting Ice Chalk Paint!
  18. If you're throwing a baby shower for someone then play the My Water Broke Game.
  19. Have a Mommy and Me date with some fun Iced Drinks.
  20. Make Fruit Juice Ice Cubes to add to Seltzer, Water, Juice, or Smoothies.
  21. Toss some colorful ice in the pool for fun summer Sensory Games.
  22. Make a Magic Potion for the kids to drink.
  23. Freeze Greek Yogurt so that ice cubes don't water down your smoothies.
  24. Freeze your leftover Buttermilk, Chicken/Vegetable Stock, or Pesto so that it can be used later on.
  25. Make your own Organic Peanut Butter Cups!!!
  26. And there's a gazillion ways to change up your margaritas, mojitos, Cocktails, Sangrias, and Wine....

I recently tried out some silicone ice cube trays that I have fallen in love with. I like them so much better than my old plastic trays. The plastic trays always caused a lot of trouble in my freezer. They were difficult to remove the ice from. They would tip over and spill on the racks. They broke after a lot of use. And they were awkward to store. Not to mention the plastic was made with harmful chemicals.

Kuuk has designed a fabulous silicone ice cube tray that I just lOVE! Each tray is made with 100% BPA-free silicone. This means that you can safely heat them up and cool them down without chemicals and other substances leeching into your food. They are also safe to put in your dishwasher when you need to clean them. 

I can hold it with one hand without spilling.

Each hole is a cute one inch square. These make your ice cubes so much fun. We like to stack them and try to make forts. The silicone is very pliable and so it is extremely easy to remove your ice cubes. The square shape is also perfect for using as a candy mold. 

The colors are also very cute and vibrant. The only problem with these ice cube trays is that they are too pretty and too much fun to touch. Now I have to get a second set just because my kids like to play with them. They are great for learning activities such as color sorting and numbering. 

If you would like to cool off in a colorful and stylish way this summer then check out Kuuk's Silicone Ice Cube Trays HERE.

I was given this set of ice cube trays in return for an honest and unbiased review. These thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I was not paid to promote this product. I really, truly do enjoy using these trays.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Active Belt by Respiro

I love running.
I love everything it does for me.
It is therapeutic, beautiful, and invigorating.

One thing that I don't enjoy is trying to carry everything while I'm trying to be free.
And that is why I love The Active Belt by Respiro.

I no longer have to worry about carrying my keys, phone, ID, gel, and water in my hands.

The belt is a simple band that wraps around your waist and has two stretch pockets, a zippered pocket, and an elastic key chain. The elastic key hook is genius because I was always worried about my keys falling out while I was retrieving other items out of my old belts. And the zippered pocket locks in any items you are greatly worried about. You can place all of your belongings in the belt (except your water) and then flip it against your belly to keep everything secure. 

It is amazing and so comfortable!

I wore one of my old fanny-pack-like running belts and let my friend wear this one for the Drop13 Half Marathon. She loved it! It doesn't chafe, bounce, or fall off. It is so comfortable that you can even forget it's there.

It worked way better than my fanny pack. Mine could only hold a few of my belongings. I ended up running the entire race with my phone in my hand. She was able to store everything away in the belt. She didn't have an issue with her sweat leaking through like I did. Plus, it made for fast and easy access.

Yep! The belt is boring worn in this pic. Hides perfectly!

Respiro's running belt is made of a Spandex and Polyester blend. It is machine-washable and very soft against the skin. I just lay mine flat to dry.

You can wear it on top of your clothes or underneath. I like to wear mine underneath my shirt. It helps keep it snug. I wear mine low on my hips and so I ordered a large. Some people like to wear it at their natural waistline. You can wear it wherever it is most comfortable.

You can also use the belt for trips to the Amusement Park, bike rides, hikes, to the gym, or while you are traveling.

The Active Belt by Respiro is definitely better than the competitor's version. The elastic key chain and zippered pocket set it apart from others that I have tried. And I like it better than the other types of running belts because it fits so snug. I can stow away my entire key set, phone, Chomps, GU, and ID and it hides away discreetly under my shirt while still allowing for easy access.

If you would like to check them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE.

I received mine in exchange for an honest review. All of these opinions are my own. I really do love this belt and would recommend it to others.

Here's the video review for those that don't like to read