Monday, September 7, 2015

Runaby Glass Baby Bottle

Any sentence that includes the words "glass" and "baby" is enough to make any Mother catch her breath. 
Or is it just me?
Giving an infant anything made of glass is like a playground made of barbwire in my mind.
Until now.

I read about this bottle and realized I've been missing out. I'm always trying to do right by my kids, but I've been completely missing a huge component in their life - the bottle.

I nurse for the first year of their lives, and so they do get those benefits. Once they turn one though or go to the sitter's then they get the bottle. Half the time it's a super cheap plastic bottle. I NEVER put a bottle in the microwave, and I ask everyone else not to, but there are probably tons of toxins leaching into the milk still. 

Runaby created a glass baby bottle to prevent your infant or toddler having to drink those poisons. Glass doesn't leach chemicals like plastic does. It is much safer for using with food or liquid. If you have walked through the water bottle section at any store you've probably noticed all of the "BPA Free" stickers. Most people don't even know what BPA is, but they assume that if every company is going to go through the trouble of making sure their product does not contain it then they  don't want it either. If you do an internet search about the hazards of plastic and human consumption then it might scare you a little. 

Even BPA-Free products are leaching as much or more estrogen-like hormones into your food or drink. If you haven't done your research then here's a quick snippet of some of the side effects: hormone imbalance (which screws up EVERYTHING in the body), and it can even affect brain development in the womb. Worried about emotional disorders? Then you should be worried about your plastics. 

Ok, now that I have you throwing your bottle of water in the trash and running to WebMD, let me get back on subject. Sorry! I started using a glass baby bottle. I was so nervous at first. However, I've been quite pleased with it. 

It is easy to pour powder or liquids into because the opening is very wide. This also makes it very simple to clean. The silicone cover slips off easy enough to clean, but not so easily that the bottle could fall out. It does come with a nipple (USA made, medium-flow), however you can swap it out with almost any other brand that you prefer (Dr. Brown's, Avent, NUK, MAM, etc.). The silicone sheath does protect it from breaking, but it does not make it invincible. This is not a bottle that I would let my child run around with, toss, or play with. The glass is not very thick, which makes it light enough that it doesn't turn the bottle into a 5 lb weight for your baby. 

Runaby bottles are free of harmful BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex lead, and polycarbonates. They are designed so that liquids only touch the glass and food-grade silicone. It is made from borosilicate glass. It is supposed to hold up against boiling and freezing temperatures. There are measurements clearly visible on the side of the bottle that are easy to read through the silicone window. The handle can swivel or be removed completely. The silicone sheath comes in two colors, blue or pink.

I love it! I am going to continue using it and try to avoid the plastic bottles at all cost. 

Speaking of cost, it's not that much to purchase it. On Amazon it is only $12.99 for the 4 oz or $15.99 for the 8 oz. Plus, you get a coupon for $5 your next purchase from the company. And if you have Amazon Prime then shipping is free. I purchased the pink 8 oz bottle at a discount in order to provide a review. These are my own thoughts, experiences, and opinions. I am not a doctor and neither am I a scientist. 

If you would like to make the switch to glass then you can find the Runaby bottles, HERE.