Friday, May 8, 2015

10 Benefits of using a Massage Body Stick Roller

Have you ever been sore?

I'm guessing that's a resounding "Yes!" I hear out there.

I know that I have been sore a lot. Sometimes on a regular basis. Between 5k's, half-marathons, full-marathons, Ragnar, bikini competition prep, weightlifting, bike-riding, hiking, swimming, roller-blading, skating, at-home workout videos, playing at the park, and just being a Mom I get sore a lot. I mean the list is endless. I've even gotten sore just from sitting in a car on a road trip.

The first time I ever saw a massage body stick roller was when I ran my first Ragnar. One of the other girls had brought one with her. It was a lifesaver! After each one of us ran our leg we took a turn with the stick. If you plan on running Ragnar this massage roller is a must! Running 3-8 miles and then immediately having to hop in a van and sit for the next few hours until your next turn is not good for your muscles. A lot of people end up with injuries because they do not stretch enough during Ragnar. But we were able to stretch while sitting in the car because we had a stick roller. 

A lot of people tried bringing foam rollers to use while running Ragnar, but you can't use them while riding in a vehicle. And they are huge! Six people sharing one vehicle for 2 days and needing 4-5 outfits and plenty of fluids and food means that you don't have a lot of room for a huge foam roller. And most pit stops are only long enough to get out of the vehicle and hop back in. You don't have time to lay on the ground and roll out all your muscles.

Even if you're not a crazy athlete, a stick roller can be very beneficial for your body. 
You may not think you have sore muscles, but you do. Try rolling them out with a stick and you'll notice immediate relief. It is amazing how much better you feel after using one even when you don't think you need to.

How it works:

You press the stick against a body part, like the thigh, and add pressure. You then run it along the muscle. The stick is comprised of a bar with rollers about 1 inch thick attached. This allows it to glide smoothly across your body while conforming to shape slightly. It stretches the muscles and ligaments. You can use it on any relaxed muscle.

Benefits of using a Massage Body Stick Roller:

1. Flexibility - The stick rolls out and stretches the muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments. If you stretch the muscles while they are still warm after a workout they are less likely to get tight and shorten.
2. Circulation - As pressure is applied and rolled forward it creates a suction in the veins. Which helps to draw in more blood that is fresh and full of oxygen and nutrients. 
3. Pain Reduction - You can pinpoint knots, and sore muscles with the stick. By rolling out these sore areas pain is relieved.
4. Sleep Improvement - Massage has been known to improve the quality and quantity of sleep a person can achieve. Relaxation is crucial for REM sleep.
5. Energy Conservation - Most stretching to warm up the muscles is done by light exercise. This means that you have to use valuable energy stores prior to the race. If you use a body stick to warm up your muscles then you will have more glucose readily available in the blood. That means you will be less likely to break down your muscles to provide energy.
6. Fewer Injuries - Using a stick before exercising allows the muscles to warm up and prevent injury. Think about your muscles like a rubber band. Leave it in your warm car and it can stretch and bend easily. Then go out on a cold morning and try yanking on it and it is most likely going to be tight and snap.
7. Muscle Growth and Repair - Greater circulation provides more nutrients to the muscles. In order for muscles to grow or repair they need glycogen. Blood flow can be restricted post-exercise due to trigger points and tight muscles. Fresh blood provides necessary glycogen to the muscles. Try taking a nutrient-dense drink 20-30 minutes before massaging to provide the most amount of nutrients possible to your muscles.
8. Lactic Acid Removal - Using a stick to roll out your muscles after exercise encourages lactic acid removal. The lactic acid is then sent to your liver and turned into glucose.
9. Breaks Down Soft Tissue Adhesion - When you do a lot of training, competing or do intense sessions sometimes it leads to the development of adhesions - where muscle, fascia, and other tissues stick together. Massaging and rolling out these areas can help correct this issue.
10. Better Mood Let's face it, when your body feels good you feel good. Relieving stress, aches, and pains, and adding in better sleep and more oxygen means you will most likely experience a better mood. Which is better for everyone.

There are so many benefits from using a Massage Body Stick Roller. 
It is great for athletes, those with desk jobs, and people with muscular injuries. 
The stick roller is amazing because it is small, light, and portable. You can throw it in your gym bag, carry-on,  or keep it at your desk.
And you can use it practically anywhere. It's only 19 inches long and 2 inches thick. 
You can do it yourself or have someone do it to you (unlike foam rollers).
You can use it while standing, crouching, kneeling, sitting, or laying down.
It is small enough to do all of your body parts without it being awkward.
When you're not using it, it is not a huge eyesore taking up space. 
It will last forever. Foam rollers tend to compress and break down after awhile. Not to mention they can start to collect dirt and sweat. You can easily wash off your stick roller if necessary.

If you want to check out the one that I use then you can find it on Amazon.
It is made by a company called Styles II fitness. I have been thoroughly impressed with their product and trust this company.
If you want to increase your strength, speed, and endurance as an athlete then I highly suggest investing in a Massage Body Stick Roller for yourself.

I was given this product in return for my honest and unbiased review.


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  3. Massage stick rocks! Quite useful for soft tissue manipulation. I use this handheld electric massager post workout and after long stints driving. It definitely works on many trigger points and adhesion. I workout daily and it's just what I need to help work the lactic acid out of soar muscles. My husband is hooked on it too!


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