Friday, May 8, 2015

The Ultimate Mount

Have you ever tried to use the GPS on your smartphone?

I use mine almost weekly.

I have no sense of direction. I get lost more than anyone I know. 
It's horrible. 

I got lost driving home from a football game my senior year of high school. I had been living in the same house for 9 years. That's pretty embarrassing. Especially since I ended up in a field. Off of the pavement. I still can't tell you how I got there. 

The scar left behind from my old GPS

I used to have a GPS mounted in my car, but once I got a smartphone I stopped using it. 

But then I found a new problem...

How do you drive and look at your phone? 
In a car that has a manual gear shift.

The only place I can prop it on the dash is in front of the speedometer. That is too risky because I can't tell how fast I'm going and it could slide off.
I have tried putting it between my legs. But then you can't see it or hear it.
I have tried putting it on the seat next to me, but that's worse than in between your legs. It makes left and right sound the same.
I have tried putting it in the cup-holder, but then I can't glance at it.
I have tried holding it, but then I accidentally touch the screen and exit out of the GPS.
I usually resort to laying it on my thigh. And it usually falls off. It ends up between my legs, under the seat, by my feet, or stuck in the black hole by the console.

Finally, I got something that fixed all my problems. 
A mount for my phone.
It is perfect because it just attaches to my air-vent. It doesn't attach to something that will permanently scar your vehicle like my GPS did. 
There are actually 2 different slits in the back. One for air-vent flaps that are large, and another for ones that are small. 
It can hold your phone vertical, horizontal, or angled. It can rotate 360 degrees, but I don't know anyone that uses their phone upside-down. 

It can hold any smartphone that's 2.1" - 3.55"  That is practically every smartphone. It can even hold my Galaxy S3 that has a wallet case on it.

Had to use my phone to take the pic, so it's just the case...

It is so EASY to attach your phone to it. And it is even easier to attach to your car. 

I love that it holds my phone so securely. It never falls, slips, or slides. The spring in it is super strong.
The round release is easy to grip and pull for insertion and removal.
My favorite aspect of the phone mount is that I can keep both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road.
It makes it as quick and easy to double-check the map as it is to check your speed.

Plus, the mount can be turned into a stand for your phone while on trips. All you have to do is slide in a credit card where it normally attaches to the vent and you've got yourself a kickstand. Now you can watch movies on your phone at the desk.
Or you can use the small and convenient kickstand that comes as a bonus with your mount. It is so tiny. It folds up and can easily fit in your wallet. If you throw it in your purse then be sure to put it somewhere you can find it. I swear every woman's purse is like a magician's hat. Things go in and vanish. I keep my purse quite clean and orderly and yet I can never find what I'm looking for. Maybe they are more like a time portal because I usually end up finding that item days, weeks, or even years later. 

Don't mind the fact that my phone is broken. oops!

Check them out on Amazon
They are worth it. I am so happy that I can drive safely and get where I am going now. 
It is so dangerous to take your eyes off the road and every second counts. 
Don't risk your life or anyone else's with a floating phone. Secure it with The Ultimate Mount by 75Degrees.

I received this product in return for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are 100% my own. And I do support this product.

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