Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EnvyDerm Lipgloss and Mascara

Alrighty, so a little while ago I told you about the fantastic $300gift card giveaway from EnvyDerm. Well, today I'm finally telling you all about their fabulous products!

I tried the lip gloss first. 
I wasn't sure if I would like it or not because it is Red. I am more of a pink girl myself. Most of the time my face looks exactly the same. I don't go crazy and do plums, reds, blues, or crazy rainbow styles. I am a neutral girl. It has taken me like 13 years to find a look that actually compliments me. But I see girls pulling off bold looks that change daily and they always look amazing! 
So why can't I?!

So I tried red lips. More precisely, I tried Je T'aime. The color of love. It's a strawberry red. And it really is a gorgeous hue. It's not too crazy bold. It's more of a sheer shimmer. It's perfect to wear alone or over your lipstick. But if red isn't your thing they have 10 beautiful and different shades to choose from. 

And it's not sticky at all. My lips felt great afterwards. They actually felt healthier than they did before I applied the lip gloss. EnvyDerm's lip glosses contain 13 organic moisturizing oils, vitamins, super fruit berries, and extracts for softer and more rejuvenated lips.

There is absolutely no burning or stinging pain. You will experience a tingling sensation. It's a feeling that I actually enjoy. I believe it is the blood circulating into your lips. And blood circulation is a good thing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients. If you have more blood circulating to an area that could explain why it actually seems healthier after. 
EnvyDerm's lip gloss contains peptides and tripeptides to boost lip collagen for fuller, plumper lips. You'll experience immediate results which is fantastic. 
Up to 37% fuller and voluminous lips. 
But even better than that, you'll have lasting results if you continue to use the gloss for at least 4 weeks! 

Can your lip gloss do that?!

I love their lip gloss! I have had amazing results! The next color I want to try is Lola
So pretty!

And then there's the mascara...
It instantly increases lash definitionvolume, and curl
It contains polymer and nylon to add volume and definition. 
The natural waxes form an elastic veil over your lashes to help sculpt and curl them. 
And the unique hourglass shaped brush separates and lifts each lash to create definition and volume.
I loved this mascara because it didn't clump like my other mascaras do.
And it didn't flake, smudge, or smear!

EnvyDerm's mascara is designed to promote length and thickness with continued use.
It is made with hydroplat specialized peptide combined with hydrolyzed keratin to promote keratin production. 
It is also made with Moroccan Argan Oil, Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids to fortify and nourish your lashes while providing shine.

If you want dramatic results I would suggest their Nighttime Serum. In order to stimulate growth you have to provide nourishment to the lash line along the skin
Hair grows from the root, not the shaft. 
The mascara provided excellent volume, but if you're looking for extreme thickness immediately then I would apply a thick mascara on top of their mascara so that your lashes are still getting nourished. 

Overall, I loved their products! I can't wait to try more.

I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope

It's that time of year again....

Dun. Dun. Dunnnn!!!

Bikini Season

Cue the shrieks of terror. Is this as scary for you as it is for me? I was already forced to hop in a bathing suit twice this month. Once because family was visiting and once for a 3-year-old's birthday party. You never know when one of these horrific events will attack. These both snuck up on me out of the blue. I barely had time to shave before I was victimized. 

Don't let this happen to you!

If you are like me then finding the time to exercise isn't your only battle. Trying to find money in the budget to pay for the gym... finding a babysitter to watch the kiddos while you workout... searching for a safe running route... buying new tennis shoes... obtaining all of the necessary home equipment... figuring out which at-home- video series you'll actually like... fitting into your exercise clothes....
These are only a few of the hurdles you have to leap over before you can even begin to get in shape.

Well, not exactly. Have you tried jumping rope?

  • You can do it at home.
  • You can do it inside or outside.
  • You can do it in your pj's.
  • You can do it naked! (Not recommended. If you mess up as much as I do then you don't want welts in the clothing optional areas...)
  • Your kids can do it with you.
  • You can do it barefoot. 
  • You can do it without anyone knowing you're doing it.
  • You can add variety to your workout.
  • You have a lifetime subscription that costs less than a water bottle!

To participate at the local gym near me you have to pay start up fees ($49-$99), annual fees ($39), monthly dues ($9.99-$79.95), and daycare fees ($20 per child). That adds up! I cannot afford to be a stay-at-home mom and a gym-rat. That is why I have fallen in LOVE with jumping rope. 

I am not a pro by any means, but I hope to get better. And while I'm practicing I'm having fun.

It's a full body workout and one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. You can do a killer workout in just 10 minutes! And there are tons of free routines online. Here is one of my favorites:

Do you feel the burn?
K, if you're still sitting down and staring at your screen then probably not. But try this one out and you definitely will! 

Don't have a jump rope? 
No problem!

Here is an awesome one:
and you can get it for $9.97 on Amazon. And if you have a Prime Membership then it's also free 2-day shipping.

If you really want to start jumping rope then you need a good jump-rope. Trust me, some are better than others. These aren't your old macaroni noodle ropes from elementary. They are legit. 

They have specialized double ball bearings. These are meant for speed. But if you're a beginner don't worry because they'll just make it easier for you to spin. They don't catch or snag like plastic jump ropes.

And the rope is actually a lightweight wire. It makes it so that this baby can whip around as fast as you want it to go. Please don't whip your husband or children with it. Plus, it makes it kink-resistant. No funky bends in your rope.

And it is one of the easiest jump-ropes to adjust. You don't need pliers, screwdrivers, or scissors like some other types of jump-ropes require. You can just use your fingers to twist and change the length. That means you and your partner in crime can share a rope instead of having to buy multiples. 

It's a rope. You can wind it up smaller than your makeup bag. That means you can take it on vacation! And it won't add extra weight to your luggage. Amazing! 

You also get 2 Ebooks with your rope. One is a 15 Minute Fat Blasting Skipping Routine. Just in case you need something to follow. And the other is 13 Yummy Paleo Dessert Recipes. 

Healthy sweets? Heck yes!
Hopefully I didn't sound too much like a salesman there. If not, then I will now. They also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like your new jump rope then they will refund your money. 
What's there to lose? Except, those love handles...

I'll be posting a few routines of my own in the future. So stick around!

Now time to go bikini shopping...

I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Creme Giveaway

To smell, or not to smell?

Have you heard the claim that antiperspirants cause cancer?

Have you heard the claim that it's just a rumor and is false?

As of right now they're both just rumors. It has not been proven one way or the other. The government is standing in neutral territory right now. They cannot say that they cause cancer and hurt businesses that bring in revenue without enough solid evidence. And they cannot say that they pose no cancer risk unless they are 100% sure because of the backlash they would receive from society if this was proven wrong one day. So, they will do what they do best in this situation.... nothing.

It is up to you as the consumer to educate yourself and make your own decision until the facts are in. Most of us might be dead or really old by the time that happens. So, it's up to you to decide for yourself right now.

This post is a little hard to do because I don't want to step on any toes or create any false impressions. This is just what I have concluded on my own. It's purely my own understanding of the topic. 

Do you know what the largest organ is in the human body?

Technically, I should probably say "on the human body" because it is the skin. Yes, your skin is an organ! Just like your heart, lungs, and brain serve a purpose so does your skin. Probably one of the most neglected and abused organs overall. But also one of the most important.

The skin is a shield. It protects the other delicate organs from infection, abrasion, and ultraviolet radiation. It is also holds us together and keeps us from evaporating. It protects us from extreme temperatures and holds us together. It connects us to the outside world with its nerves that allow us to sense and feel. But it also has a very important role - sweating.

Sweating isn't just a side-effect of having a body. It's more than a nuisance we have to deal with. It is purposeful. We sweat to keep our bodies temperate and in a homeostatic state. We also sweat to excrete waste products and create scent. Let me hurry and break it down for you...
There are two types of sweat glands located on the body. The one type serves to keep your body at a safe and normal temperature. It pretty much just secretes salty water.
The other kind does not develop until puberty. They are the reason we have to be subjected to those humiliating maturation classes in fifth grade. They excrete waste products and smell. The stink comes from bacteria breaking down the compounds in sweat rather than the sweat itself. So what you're actually excreting is probably more like pheromones.

And do you know how important pheromones are?! They are insane! I once read a study about how the smell of sad tears from women actually reduced the testosterone levels in men. They instinctively know that if the wife isn't happy then they aren't getting any (and by "any" I mean you know what).

That's why I blame antiperspirants for high divorce rates. Jkjk. 

But if you think about it your antiperspirant is probably hindering you more than it is helping you. How is your perfect mate supposed to smell you and find you? You also have apocrine sweat glands in your nether regions, but unless you have a lot of guys sniffing your crotch then good luck! That's why it is so hard to find Mr. Right. We all use antiperspirants and so we're left to find him using our brains and that's why you're going to get divorced if you use deodorant. Hahaha! Ok, I hope you know that was all in jest.

If it's not safe to use when you're sick then should you really be using it when you're healthy?

But here's what I do know - anything that prevents an organ from functioning properly is no bueno. 

We do have vestigial (useless) body parts, but the skin is not one of them. And stopping it from performing correctly could be dangerous. 

There is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants stop you from sweating. Deodorants just cover up or remove the smell. Whether or not you are sweating, there is always substance found in your apocrine glands. And if you don't let it out every once in awhile it's probably going to do what a sweaty gym sock does when it is forgotten in a gym bag for a few months.... It is going to kill the first person that opens the bag and gets a whiff of it! And it will destroy that gym bag forever!  That might be a slight exaggeration. But if it's a waste product trapped inside your body then you're going to have repercussions. Your body needs to get rid of it. That's why if you must choose between the two then choose deodorant. 

Most deodorants you purchase at the store are made from chemicals though. And slathering yourself in man-made yuck isn't very smart either. That's why I was thrilled to try a natural deodorant made from Bella Organics. They use natural, chemical-free, organic ingredients.

You can actually recognize the names of the ingredients listed on their label. Try and do that with your AXE, Dove, or Secret! In the sample I received they used:

  • Organic arrowroot powder to absorb wetness naturally.
  • Organic shea butter to soothe and moisturize your skin.
  • Organic virgin coconut oil to soothe and condition the skin, as well as for its natural antibacterial properties.
  • Organic peppermint oil for its scent, and antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • Organic tea tree oil for its germ-killing antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Just reading those safe and healthy ingredients makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!

Since they are all natural and earth friendly ingredients there is a shelf life. It is good for one year. I'm pretty sure we all use a stick of deodorant in less than a year though. 

If you have razor burn don't apply this directly afterwards either. I made that mistake. It's the same way with normal deodorant as well though.

I wish it rolled on easy like the bad stuff, but it's not that big of a deal.

And it does come with a warning - you might stink upon initial use if your body hasn't already been detoxed. I stopped using antiperspirant a long time ago because of its negative side effects and so I didn't have any issues with detoxing or odor. It's that dirty gym sock thing I was telling you about! 

So if you're ready to let your armpits go free and try the all natural way here is a great brand that I've thoroughly enjoyed - Bella Organics. I tried the Vanilla Mint Deodorant and absolutely loved it! I smelled like a candycane you just want to lick! Almost. Please don't lick my armpits... But they have other flavors (yes, flavors. Not scents. jkjk) that you can try out as well. You can see them all here. I want to try the Iced Lemonade next. I doubt it will be better than my Vanilla Mint though. I lOVE mint scented and flavored things. But lemon is usually right up there on the list of favorites next to mint. I'll try it out and let you know which one wins the battle. I have a feeling that mint will be a better deodorant though. 

Go to my contest page for your chance to win a sample for yourself!

I did receive a sample of this product so that I could try it out and provide an honest and unbiased review. These thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I am not a doctor. If you have questions about what to use on your body please consult someone who knows more than me. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vegetable Spiral Slicer (Spiralizer) Review

Have you tried spiralizing  ?

It sounds like some new gym fad or something doesn't it?

Well, it's not a machine that a contortionist would use, but it just might help you see a little less of the gym. It turns (& twists!) your vegetables into pasta-like noodle shapes. No more carb-heavy dishes that add inches to your waistband with just one bite!

The first time I heard about spiralizing I knew I had to have one. I went out immediately and bought one. It was expensive. It was nearly $50! And it was the counter top version. I had no idea that these hand-held versions even existed. I wish I had known this little secret everyone was keeping from me. Yes, the large ones are nice and they come with a couple more ways to style your food. But they are very costly and big. I have to have a special place to store it in my cupboard along with all of its attachments. And for those of us with hardly any counter space to spare it makes it difficult to use.

Common Sense Goods sells a much smaller and cheaper version. It can actually fit in my utensil drawer! But it can still spiralize a sweet potato. And it is extremely durable. 

YaY for saving pennies!

It's a simple design which makes it ridiculously easy to use. I was so nervous to even pull it out of the box because I was intimidated by it. Turning vegetables into noodles with a simple gadget and just my hands? Ya, it nearly had me running for the hills. It couldn't be that easy...

But it really works!

You just twist and Wha-la Noodles!

But these aren't your average noodles. They are pure, raw, organic (if that's what you buy), vegetables. 

If you are trying to lose weight, eat low Glycemic Index foods, cut back on carbs, watch your points, go Paleo, get gluten-free, live Raw, taste the rainbow, or make your meals pretty then this will be your new best friend.

I decided to try it out, but first I had to find a recipe. Where did I go? Pinterest of course! I looked
and looked, but most recipes required lots of ingredients that I don't normally have on hand. I decided to try a recipe from The Roasted Root... but I made it my own to  fit my budget. You can mess with it as you see fit.

Spiralized Carrots with Peanut-Lime Ginger Sauce


7 medium/large carrots
1/3 cup cashews

2 tablespoons cilantro paste
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 tablespoon minced sushi ginger
2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
4 tablespoons coconut milk
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice
Salt to taste


Wash and peel carrots. Use your spiral slicer to make noodles out of all your carrots. There will be a couple inches of carrot after spiralizing that you can save for later. I did not use them in this recipe.
Place carrot noodles in a large serving bowl and set aside.
Combine all of the ingredients for the sauce in a small bowl. Mix until smooth and creamy. I used a hand mixer.
Pour peanut-lime ginger sauce over carrot noodles and mix together.
Mix in most of the cashews. Garnish with the leftover cashews.
Serve with chopsticks for authenticity.

click this link for the Printable Version

Gather your ingredients

Wash and peel carrots.

Use your spiral slicer to make noodles out of all your carrots. There will be a couple inches of carrot after spiralizing that you can save for later. I made carrot sticks with the leftovers and ate them the next day.

Place carrot noodles in a large serving bowl and set aside.

Combine all of the ingredients for the sauce in a small bowl. Mix until smooth and creamy. I used a hand mixer.

Pour peanut-lime ginger sauce over carrot noodles and mix together.
Mix in most of the cashews. Garnish with the leftover cashews.
Serve with chopsticks for authenticity.

You're done. Now enjoy!

If you don't have a spiralizer and you want to get one then you should definitely consider getting the one I used to make this recipe. It is small and easy to use. Plus, if you're on a budget it's the cheaper version. 

The first 25 people to use my code on Amazon will only pay $5 for their spiralizer! 
Trust me, you can't beat that deal.

These are premium spiral slicers with dual width blades. They are made from durable ABS and high quality stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe and much easier to clean than their larger counterparts. Plus, Common Sense Goods provides you with a bonus cleaning brush just for your spiralizer.

And if you are worried about lack of inspiration they've got you covered there as well. With each purchase you get a bonus eBook called The Ultimate Veggie Noodle Recipe Collection. It has 24 full color pages of recipes (with pictures) to help get your mouth-watering.

And they back every one of their spiral slicers with their no nonsense, hassle-free, 100% money back guarantee. So, there's no risk if it doesn't work out for you.

Have fun Spiralizing!

This company has been great with me. They really do have outstanding customer service! I have loved working with them and know that they will take care of you as well. 
I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

EnvyDerm $300 Gift Card Giveaway

Alrighty, so I am going to be reviewing a

Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper
Volumizing Mascara!

from EnvyDerm

But before we get around to all of the fun stuff I have to let you in on an awesome opportunity!
They are doing a $300 gift card giveaway!
Check it out HERE!

Here are the dirty pretty deets:

Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper
  • Up to 37% fuller plumped lips instantly with no pain, burning or sting
  • 13 organic moisturizing oils and vitamins for softer, rejuvenated lips
  • Peptides and Tripeptides to boost lip collagen for plumper, fuller lips
  • Sheer to semi-sheer color
  • Formulated without: Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Sulfates, Phthalates, GMO's, Triclosan, Mineral Oils
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in USA

Volumizing Mascara
  • Conditions and moisturizes lashes
  • Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Intense color that dries instantly
  • Will not fade, smudge, run or flake for all day wear
  • Formulated without: Prostaglandin, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOS, Tricolosan, Mineral Oils, Animal products

Find the review up on the blog HERE

Rayburn Fishing Hat Light Clip

My family goes camping a lot. 

I grew up camping and have always loved it!

Camping used to be really easy though. Now, not so much. We have 2 little girls and that has changed everything. 

You are constantly having to look for things. You have to wake up and take care of things during all hours of the night. And most of the time you only have one hand to do anything with. That becomes a major problem if you're one free hand is being used by a flashlight. 

My husband was given a Browning hat clip light a couple of years ago and was so excited. He has used it every camping trip. 

Last year I was pregnant when we went camping. And I had to pee a LOT. I would wake up a few times during the night and need to run to the woods thanks to my compressed bladder. I would take the hat light clip, but still felt blind in the complete blackness of the mountains and would take the lantern for extra help. But trying to carry everything along with the lantern was difficult. 

It was even worse when I would try to take care of my daughter in the middle of the night two years ago. She was still using a bottle and trying to comfort her and find and fill the bottle while maneuvering with the flashlight was next to impossible. Not to mention trying to clean the bottle and burping afterwards. 

This year things are going to be much different! I will have this super bright LED Hat Light Clip which will give me full use of my hands and provide a ton more light. I am so excited about this I cannot even begin to tell you. But so is my husband. I have a feeling we will be fighting over it. lol

I even compared the brightness to my running headlamps. Guess who won? The hat clip of course!

And I think my favorite part about this gadget is that it only takes 3 AAA batteries. Most lights require those expensive circular batteries. This will be a lot easier and cheaper to fix when it runs out of juice.

And LED bulbs last much longer than your normal bulbs! 
LEDs are notable for being extremely long-lasting products. Many LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. This is approximately 50 times longer than a typical incandescent, 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen, and 8-10 times longer than a typical CFL. Used 12 hours a day, a 50,000 bulb will last more than 11 years. Used 8 hours a day, it will last 17 years! 
 Source Found HERE
 And there are 11 of those bright lights on this hat clip.
The advantages of switching to LED are numerous. Here are just some of the benefits: LEDs use much less electricity than other bulbs, have extremely long rated lives, produce very little heat, do not emit UV or infrared, contain no mercury, are resistant to shock and vibration, and can operate effectively in extremely cold environments.
 Source Found HERE

Additionally, this light illuminates up to 5m of distance. That's almost 16.5 feet for us Americans that don't know how to convert from the metric system. Ahem, that would be me...  

So, if you're heading up to the mountains for a hike, camping trip, hunting session, fishing expedition, midnight run, bike ride at dusk, or trying to do a home repair project then this might be the tool just for you! Anything that might require you to use both of your hands and see with your eyes is the perfect opportunity to use this bad boy.

If you're curious as to what others have to say about it you can check out the reviews HERE.

And right now they are for sale for $15.99 on Amazon.

This hat clip fits very snug on the brim of all of our hats. The plastic is very durable and I don't foresee it falling off anytime soon. I am quite pleased with the Hat Clip Light. Rayburn Fishing has definitely produced a superior product. I know it's going to get a lot of use this summer and I cannot wait! YaY for warm weather!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bestvisible Reflective Vest

Have you ever been almost struck by a vehicle while exercising outside. I have had way too many close calls to count. Most of mine occur because drivers aren't paying attention. But I know there are plenty due to lack of visibility on the athlete's part.

During high school one of my good friends was hit during the evening hours while riding his motorcycle home after a performance. Luckily, he survived. Not without a long stay in the hospital though. 
Three years ago my mother was struck by a motorist while riding her bike home from work. Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet because it cracked it in three places. She survived, but now has permanent damage in her left hand. It is so bad that it impairs her daily tasks, let alone everything else. 
One year ago my father-in-law was involved in a hit-and-run while riding his bicycle through a round-about. The man refused to stop even with his young son riding in the backseat. 

I have plenty of other examples and stories, but I think you get my point. Exercising outside can be a very dangerous business. Above all else, nighttime is the scariest time to be out there. Unfortunately, nighttime is when I tend to be outside exercising most often. I have two young girls and I have to wait until they are sleeping until I can get my workouts done most of the time. And the thought of not being around to see my girls grow up just because I didn't try to prevent an accident is a guilt I cannot live with. Or die with.

During the day a bright orange or yellow vest helps, but they offer no help at night. And they typically aren't this vibrant and bright. Most people I know don't even wear a vest at all during the day. The government has realized the benefits of wearing one and requires all cyclists and motorcyclists to wear a vest even when the sun is out while on the Base. I realized most of my warm running gear is dark-colored and makes me practically invisible at night. My bicycle is equipped with lights and reflective strips, but they are hardly noticeable.

In case you don't know what Ragnar is...  It's insane!

Two years ago I ran Ragnar twice. Once in the Wasatch Back and once down in Vegas. It was so much fun! I absolutely loved it! They require a headlamp and a vest between the hours of 6PM-6AM. And I figured out why... the hard wayI borrowed a rinky dink vest from someone that was way too big for me and I had borrowed a cheap-o headlamp.

While running down the highway in the desert at midnight and facing traffic I was literally ran off the road. I was running against traffic on a shoulder less than 4-feet wide with a semi-truck in the lane closest to me and was completely blinded by his brights. My foot slipped off the steep shoulder and rolled which caused me to do a front-flip onto the asphalt. My ankle, knees, hip, shoulder, elbows, hands, and head were all banged up. It nearly took me out of the race. Luckily, fear of coyotes and the adrenaline from the race got me through the next couple of miles. But I wish I had the vest and headlamp I have now back then. It taught me a great lesson.

When running at night it's vitally important to see and be seen.

Bestvisible's Reflective Vest is amazing! They have engineered it so that you can be seen. Its reflective stripes are 30% broader than most other vests and offers 360 degree visibility. That is amazing! There are tons of vests out there that attach a small line of reflective material and call it good. While it may qualify you to run Ragnar it will not give you the best visibility for drivers. 

At 25mph a driver needs 85 feet to stop. 
Are you bright enough for them to stop in time?

I performed a little experiment with my Bestvisible Reflective Vest and our truck...

"The best part about this vest is that it is adjustable and it actually fits me! The vests I borrowed during Ragnar were not adjustable. They were absolutely ginormous. I swear they were made to fit XXXL hefty men even though they claimed "One size fits most." I am sorry, but most of us are not 500 lbs. K, I may be exaggerating a little, but they really were annoying. They were so big they bounced and flapped and moved all around while we were trying to run. 

We even wore a running belt to hold on our race number and cinch the dang things down.

Don't jeopardize your most valuable possession - Your life.

Make sure you do everything you can to ensure your safety while out exercising. I know I don't like to be noticed when I'm out running and bouncing up and down the road, but a little attention is good for you in this case. Even if you plan on using the sidewalk you need to take precautions. Most motorists when backing out of their driveways are only looking for vehicles in the rearview, not pedestrians on the sidewalk. And at some point you are probably going to need to cross the road. Drivers look for vehicles when they're turning, not bodies. Please be safe out there! You don't want to miss my future posts! jkjk.

I have tried Bestvisible's Reflective Vest and I know it works. I trust this brand, but they do offer a "No questions asked, money back guarantee." If you want to try one out for yourself you can check them out on Amazon. They are on sale for $12.99 and you can use my coupon code BEST4OFF for an extra $4 off that! That makes it only $8.99.

And every purchase comes with these bonuses!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to see you again soon!