Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EnvyDerm Lipgloss and Mascara

Alrighty, so a little while ago I told you about the fantastic $300gift card giveaway from EnvyDerm. Well, today I'm finally telling you all about their fabulous products!

I tried the lip gloss first. 
I wasn't sure if I would like it or not because it is Red. I am more of a pink girl myself. Most of the time my face looks exactly the same. I don't go crazy and do plums, reds, blues, or crazy rainbow styles. I am a neutral girl. It has taken me like 13 years to find a look that actually compliments me. But I see girls pulling off bold looks that change daily and they always look amazing! 
So why can't I?!

So I tried red lips. More precisely, I tried Je T'aime. The color of love. It's a strawberry red. And it really is a gorgeous hue. It's not too crazy bold. It's more of a sheer shimmer. It's perfect to wear alone or over your lipstick. But if red isn't your thing they have 10 beautiful and different shades to choose from. 

And it's not sticky at all. My lips felt great afterwards. They actually felt healthier than they did before I applied the lip gloss. EnvyDerm's lip glosses contain 13 organic moisturizing oils, vitamins, super fruit berries, and extracts for softer and more rejuvenated lips.

There is absolutely no burning or stinging pain. You will experience a tingling sensation. It's a feeling that I actually enjoy. I believe it is the blood circulating into your lips. And blood circulation is a good thing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients. If you have more blood circulating to an area that could explain why it actually seems healthier after. 
EnvyDerm's lip gloss contains peptides and tripeptides to boost lip collagen for fuller, plumper lips. You'll experience immediate results which is fantastic. 
Up to 37% fuller and voluminous lips. 
But even better than that, you'll have lasting results if you continue to use the gloss for at least 4 weeks! 

Can your lip gloss do that?!

I love their lip gloss! I have had amazing results! The next color I want to try is Lola
So pretty!

And then there's the mascara...
It instantly increases lash definitionvolume, and curl
It contains polymer and nylon to add volume and definition. 
The natural waxes form an elastic veil over your lashes to help sculpt and curl them. 
And the unique hourglass shaped brush separates and lifts each lash to create definition and volume.
I loved this mascara because it didn't clump like my other mascaras do.
And it didn't flake, smudge, or smear!

EnvyDerm's mascara is designed to promote length and thickness with continued use.
It is made with hydroplat specialized peptide combined with hydrolyzed keratin to promote keratin production. 
It is also made with Moroccan Argan Oil, Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids to fortify and nourish your lashes while providing shine.

If you want dramatic results I would suggest their Nighttime Serum. In order to stimulate growth you have to provide nourishment to the lash line along the skin
Hair grows from the root, not the shaft. 
The mascara provided excellent volume, but if you're looking for extreme thickness immediately then I would apply a thick mascara on top of their mascara so that your lashes are still getting nourished. 

Overall, I loved their products! I can't wait to try more.

I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 

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