Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspired Fitness Gear Speed Jump Rope

It's that time of year again....

Dun. Dun. Dunnnn!!!

Bikini Season

Cue the shrieks of terror. Is this as scary for you as it is for me? I was already forced to hop in a bathing suit twice this month. Once because family was visiting and once for a 3-year-old's birthday party. You never know when one of these horrific events will attack. These both snuck up on me out of the blue. I barely had time to shave before I was victimized. 

Don't let this happen to you!

If you are like me then finding the time to exercise isn't your only battle. Trying to find money in the budget to pay for the gym... finding a babysitter to watch the kiddos while you workout... searching for a safe running route... buying new tennis shoes... obtaining all of the necessary home equipment... figuring out which at-home- video series you'll actually like... fitting into your exercise clothes....
These are only a few of the hurdles you have to leap over before you can even begin to get in shape.

Well, not exactly. Have you tried jumping rope?

  • You can do it at home.
  • You can do it inside or outside.
  • You can do it in your pj's.
  • You can do it naked! (Not recommended. If you mess up as much as I do then you don't want welts in the clothing optional areas...)
  • Your kids can do it with you.
  • You can do it barefoot. 
  • You can do it without anyone knowing you're doing it.
  • You can add variety to your workout.
  • You have a lifetime subscription that costs less than a water bottle!

To participate at the local gym near me you have to pay start up fees ($49-$99), annual fees ($39), monthly dues ($9.99-$79.95), and daycare fees ($20 per child). That adds up! I cannot afford to be a stay-at-home mom and a gym-rat. That is why I have fallen in LOVE with jumping rope. 

I am not a pro by any means, but I hope to get better. And while I'm practicing I'm having fun.

It's a full body workout and one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. You can do a killer workout in just 10 minutes! And there are tons of free routines online. Here is one of my favorites:

Do you feel the burn?
K, if you're still sitting down and staring at your screen then probably not. But try this one out and you definitely will! 

Don't have a jump rope? 
No problem!

Here is an awesome one:
and you can get it for $9.97 on Amazon. And if you have a Prime Membership then it's also free 2-day shipping.

If you really want to start jumping rope then you need a good jump-rope. Trust me, some are better than others. These aren't your old macaroni noodle ropes from elementary. They are legit. 

They have specialized double ball bearings. These are meant for speed. But if you're a beginner don't worry because they'll just make it easier for you to spin. They don't catch or snag like plastic jump ropes.

And the rope is actually a lightweight wire. It makes it so that this baby can whip around as fast as you want it to go. Please don't whip your husband or children with it. Plus, it makes it kink-resistant. No funky bends in your rope.

And it is one of the easiest jump-ropes to adjust. You don't need pliers, screwdrivers, or scissors like some other types of jump-ropes require. You can just use your fingers to twist and change the length. That means you and your partner in crime can share a rope instead of having to buy multiples. 

It's a rope. You can wind it up smaller than your makeup bag. That means you can take it on vacation! And it won't add extra weight to your luggage. Amazing! 

You also get 2 Ebooks with your rope. One is a 15 Minute Fat Blasting Skipping Routine. Just in case you need something to follow. And the other is 13 Yummy Paleo Dessert Recipes. 

Healthy sweets? Heck yes!
Hopefully I didn't sound too much like a salesman there. If not, then I will now. They also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like your new jump rope then they will refund your money. 
What's there to lose? Except, those love handles...

I'll be posting a few routines of my own in the future. So stick around!

Now time to go bikini shopping...

I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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    1. Do you know the 2 biggest reasons men and women stop exercising?

      1) Lack of time
      2) Lack of motivation

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      Here are 5 ways to cut time from your workouts.

      a) Supersets

      I use "non-competing" superset. This means, choose two exercises
      for different muscle groups - and preferably completely opposite
      movements. For example, choose a push and a pull. That way, one
      muscle group rests while the other works...and you cut the rest
      time you need between sets.

      b) Choose a better warm-up strategy

      Don't waste 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. Instead, use a
      total body circuit of bodyweight exercises as a general warm-up, and
      then move directly into specific warm-up sets for your first two

      c) Pair dumbbell and bodyweight exercises together in your

      This saves you time at home (you don't need to change the dumbbell
      weight between exercises) and in the gym (you don't need to fight
      for 2 sets of dumbbells).

      d) Choose Intervals over slow cardio

      The latest research shows more weight loss when people use
      intervals, and intervals take half as long to do.

      e) Limit the use of isolation exercises

      Pick multi-muscle exercises, such as squats, pulls, pushes, and
      rows. If you have time, you can squeeze in some dropsets for arms
      and shoulders if you want. However, if you only have 3 sessions of
      45 minutes per week, isolation exercises must be the first to go.

      In addition, don't spend more than 10 minutes per week on direct ab
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