Monday, July 13, 2015

26 Uses for your Ice Cube Tray

I have a refrigerator with a built-in ice machine. Sometimes I still find that I need an ice cube tray though. There are so many more uses for them than you may have known. Here are 26 for you to start with:

  1. Make Ice Cube Paint for a fun summer activity for the kids.
  2. Create Striped Ice Cubes to add extra vitamins to your drinks.
  3. Make Blueberry Cheesecake Bites that are only 10 calories per treat.
  4. Instead of tossing out that last bit of Costco spinach, make Spinach Ice Cubes to make green smoothies. 
  5. Or Kale.
  6. Enjoy some healthy Infused Water to keep you hydrated on hot days.
  7. Use your leftover coffee to make Coffee Ice Cubes for your iced coffee. This helps cool your coffee without watering it down.
  8. Or you can add the Coffee Ice Cubes to Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, or regular Milk.
  9. Or you can reverse it and freeze your milk to add to your coffee or hot chocolate.
  10. Or you can freeze your sweetener in your milk and make Milk and Honey Ice Cubes.
  11. Freeze your creamer and make Flavor Shots for your coffee or hot chocolate. 
  12. Drink some Chilled Milk with Chai Tea Ice Cubes.
  13. Easily make Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
  14. Preserve fresh herbs in olive oil to add to your recipes later on. Great for stews, roasts, soups, and sauteeing. Olive Oil Herb Cubes.
  15. Freeze strawberries and blueberries in water or Sprite to make a Patriotic Drink.
  16. Make homemade Baby Food that you can freeze in perfect portions!
  17. Play with some Erupting Ice Chalk Paint!
  18. If you're throwing a baby shower for someone then play the My Water Broke Game.
  19. Have a Mommy and Me date with some fun Iced Drinks.
  20. Make Fruit Juice Ice Cubes to add to Seltzer, Water, Juice, or Smoothies.
  21. Toss some colorful ice in the pool for fun summer Sensory Games.
  22. Make a Magic Potion for the kids to drink.
  23. Freeze Greek Yogurt so that ice cubes don't water down your smoothies.
  24. Freeze your leftover Buttermilk, Chicken/Vegetable Stock, or Pesto so that it can be used later on.
  25. Make your own Organic Peanut Butter Cups!!!
  26. And there's a gazillion ways to change up your margaritas, mojitos, Cocktails, Sangrias, and Wine....

I recently tried out some silicone ice cube trays that I have fallen in love with. I like them so much better than my old plastic trays. The plastic trays always caused a lot of trouble in my freezer. They were difficult to remove the ice from. They would tip over and spill on the racks. They broke after a lot of use. And they were awkward to store. Not to mention the plastic was made with harmful chemicals.

Kuuk has designed a fabulous silicone ice cube tray that I just lOVE! Each tray is made with 100% BPA-free silicone. This means that you can safely heat them up and cool them down without chemicals and other substances leeching into your food. They are also safe to put in your dishwasher when you need to clean them. 

I can hold it with one hand without spilling.

Each hole is a cute one inch square. These make your ice cubes so much fun. We like to stack them and try to make forts. The silicone is very pliable and so it is extremely easy to remove your ice cubes. The square shape is also perfect for using as a candy mold. 

The colors are also very cute and vibrant. The only problem with these ice cube trays is that they are too pretty and too much fun to touch. Now I have to get a second set just because my kids like to play with them. They are great for learning activities such as color sorting and numbering. 

If you would like to cool off in a colorful and stylish way this summer then check out Kuuk's Silicone Ice Cube Trays HERE.

I was given this set of ice cube trays in return for an honest and unbiased review. These thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I was not paid to promote this product. I really, truly do enjoy using these trays.

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