Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magnetic Baby Safety Lock

We had only been living in oir new house for two months when I had a scary mommy moment. I was taking care of my one month old and realized my almost three-year-old was being suspiciously quiet. I found her under the kitchen table eating baking soda by the spoonful. As I entered the room she looked up at me and said, "Mmm.. This tastes good!" Ahhhh!!! I eas horrified and panicked. Needless to say, we ended up calling poison control which sent us to the ER. A long night, many tears, and $300 later we found out she was perfectly fine. I was so grateful that was okay, but upset that this had happened.

Yes, we should have had baby locks already installed. But it had been  busy couple of months. We bought and moved to our first home, had a baby, replaced our water heater, replaced our washer and dryer that were broken in the move, and forced to renovate the laundry room to redirect pipes and wires. I was doing all of the unpacking myself and had not thought of making the locks easy to find. 

I hate my old baby locks. They are the old plastic pueces that require to use some awkward finger manipulation to pry those bad boys open. They are not the most convenient or easy locks to use. You need a drill and screws to install and they permanently damage your cupboards. Plus, if you have smart kids, they can figure out how to use them.

That's why I am in love with the Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Purple Safety. They were extremely easy to install and my kids can't open them by themselves. I messed up installing the one and was easily able to remove and correct it.

Each pack comes with four magnetic locks. It also includes one large unlocking magnet. There is a separate magnetic piece that you can attach to nearly any surface. It is meant to be a placeholder for the unlocking magnet. That way you never lose it... well, as long as you always put it back. You can also just stick it to any metal surface that it can magnetize to. The magnet can unlock through 1.5" surface. And you only need a 1.8" surface to attach the locks. It can work on most cabinets. Plus, these don't require any screws or drills and so they won't ruin your furniture.

You can flip the switch so that it won't lock.

Just make sure you watch the instructional video and measure your surface before you buy!

If you have a baby or a toddler then please make sure your hazards are all locked up! Don't make the same mistake I did. It could end a lot worse. 

You can find them on Amazon HERE.
Or on their website HERE.

I purchased mine at a discount.
But if you want a chance to win one free pack for yourself then enter HERE!

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