Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Active Belt by Respiro

I love running.
I love everything it does for me.
It is therapeutic, beautiful, and invigorating.

One thing that I don't enjoy is trying to carry everything while I'm trying to be free.
And that is why I love The Active Belt by Respiro.

I no longer have to worry about carrying my keys, phone, ID, gel, and water in my hands.

The belt is a simple band that wraps around your waist and has two stretch pockets, a zippered pocket, and an elastic key chain. The elastic key hook is genius because I was always worried about my keys falling out while I was retrieving other items out of my old belts. And the zippered pocket locks in any items you are greatly worried about. You can place all of your belongings in the belt (except your water) and then flip it against your belly to keep everything secure. 

It is amazing and so comfortable!

I wore one of my old fanny-pack-like running belts and let my friend wear this one for the Drop13 Half Marathon. She loved it! It doesn't chafe, bounce, or fall off. It is so comfortable that you can even forget it's there.

It worked way better than my fanny pack. Mine could only hold a few of my belongings. I ended up running the entire race with my phone in my hand. She was able to store everything away in the belt. She didn't have an issue with her sweat leaking through like I did. Plus, it made for fast and easy access.

Yep! The belt is boring worn in this pic. Hides perfectly!

Respiro's running belt is made of a Spandex and Polyester blend. It is machine-washable and very soft against the skin. I just lay mine flat to dry.

You can wear it on top of your clothes or underneath. I like to wear mine underneath my shirt. It helps keep it snug. I wear mine low on my hips and so I ordered a large. Some people like to wear it at their natural waistline. You can wear it wherever it is most comfortable.

You can also use the belt for trips to the Amusement Park, bike rides, hikes, to the gym, or while you are traveling.

The Active Belt by Respiro is definitely better than the competitor's version. The elastic key chain and zippered pocket set it apart from others that I have tried. And I like it better than the other types of running belts because it fits so snug. I can stow away my entire key set, phone, Chomps, GU, and ID and it hides away discreetly under my shirt while still allowing for easy access.

If you would like to check them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE.

I received mine in exchange for an honest review. All of these opinions are my own. I really do love this belt and would recommend it to others.

Here's the video review for those that don't like to read

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