Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Intel-A-Temp Smart Digital Warmer & Sterilizer

I don't think I have to tell you that 
being a Mommy is exhausting.

Somehow I can manage to be completely awake and on the go all day long. But the minute I sit down I fall asleep. It can be quite embarrassing. It was much worse with my first child though. Now I have a 3-year old that has found it her duty to keep me awake at all costs. If she notices that I'm about to doze off she immediately finds a reason and a way to wake me up. Even though I know that it is a good thing, I sometimes resent it.

I miss the days when it was one baby and we could nap together. It made it easier to survive the late nights. Now sleep is a myth and energy is something only a Fairy Godmother can sprinkle on you (but be warned, it still wears off at midnight). There have been moments when I have fallen asleep and wake up with milk spraying all over my sleeping baby's face. I have fallen asleep while laying on the ground and playing with toys. I have fallen asleep while reading stories to my girls. I have fallen asleep while texting. I have fallen asleep in the driveway after work. I have fallen asleep while playing on the trampoline. With my first daughter, I even fell asleep while waiting for the milk to warm. Twice. Did you know that if all of the liquid boils out of the pan, your pan can get so hot that it actually disintegrates? Yep! I found that one out by experience. So scary! I felt like the worst Mommy in the world.

I refuse to use the microwave to warm the milk though. Microwaves are not safe. They denature proteins and destroy nutrients. What is the point of breast milk if it is void of the good stuff? If you have ever tried reheating food in the microwave and eating it twenty minutes later then you know what I'm talking about. It's no longer food. It has turned into a chewy, waxy, rubber that is more like a science experiment rather than food. If you would like to read an interesting article about microwaves then check out The Journal of Natural Science.
Gordon Ramsay can always tell when food has been microwaved - and he knows food. There are thousands of people that argue that microwaves don't change food, but do an experiment yourself. Take your leftovers and split them directly down the middle. The first half, reheat in the microwave. The second half, reheat on the stove. See if there is a difference in texture, taste, or the length of time that it sustains its appeal. If you're not convinced, blindfold some friends and see if they can tell the difference.

Now that I have opened that can of worms, let's get back to the milk. You cannot give your baby cold milk. You have to reheat it somehow. I normally just place the milk in a pan and reheat it on LOW on the stove. But that can be fairly dangerous if you're tired. Plus, you have to watch it like a hawk to get the perfect and safe temperature. Then you have to funnel it into the bottle. If you have a crying baby this can be a recipe for disaster. You CANNOT hold your baby during this process. That is why I am so excited by the latest product that I was given the opportunity to review.

It's the Intel-A-Temp Smart Digital Warmer & Sterilizer by Maxx Elite. It is so simple and easy to use. It works as a bottle warmer, food warmer, and bottle/nipple sterilizer. It has saved my life and made things so much easier and safer.

It is quite small and convenient. You can easily store it on the counter or in the cupboard. It is simple to put together, and clean afterwards. It comes safely packaged and sealed. As with everything, I still advise you to clean it before your first use. The instructions for use are very simple and clear. However, my video is not. Forgive me for rambling and bouncing around. If you want to see it in action then watch the video below.

I love the Intel-A-Temp because it makes my life so much easier. I don't have a dishwasher and so I have to wash everything by hand and the sterilizer makes it so that I don't have to do dishes quite as often. If you do have a dishwasher, you can use the Intel-A-Temp when you don't have enough dishes or time to do an entire load. I absolutely love sticking my baby's pacifiers in to be sterilized. Peace of mind for mommy.

I love this product and I think you will too. 
Check them out on Amazon HERE

I received mine ata discount in exchange for an honest review. These thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I 100% recommend this product to my friends and family!


  1. This product would also be great for grandparents! I always worry that the bottles are not as clean too!

  2. I think it's a great idea! I Love it! It would be great for all mother's and grandmothers. It would come in handy!