Monday, July 27, 2015

Weight Gurus Weightless Bathroom Scale

Alright, so I used to be obsessed with weighing myself. Every day every pound mattered. It was a little insane. I've learned that most of the fluctuations are water weight and to not fret as much. As long as I'm within a good range then I'm happy. There is no perfect number. It depends on what you are made of. It depends on where you are carrying your weight. I do like to check my progress occasionally though. It helps keep me gauged, focused, and motivated.

A month or two ago I finally had to toss my old scale. It was kind of a sad day. I had really mixed feelings. I knew I would have to invest in a new scale which sucked. But I had a lot of memories with my old scale. Is it weird to be sentimental towards a scale? I'm sure it is. I had been using this scale for 10+ years. And if you know my history then you'd understand why this scale brought so many emotions when I had to separate myself from it.

I soon found out that only being able to weigh myself when I went to the gym (which is rare), or to my Mom's house wasn't very convenient. Plus, it was after I already had ingested food or liquid, and never at the same time of day. When I did happen to weigh myself I jotted it down on a piece of paper with intentions of logging it in my weight journal at some point. Those little scraps of paper hardly ever end up being logged though and so most of my tracking gets lost.

Luckily, Weight Gurus sent me a scale to test out. Hallelujah! It is so nice having a scale again. And this is the best scale I have ever owned. And probably the best scale I have ever used, but that's because of the app that came with it.

These are actual screenshots from my phone.

My old scale was the mechanical type that had to be calibrated every time you used it. And you could only see differences in pound increments. This meant that most of my measurements weren't very accurate.

I love my new digital scale. It takes the guesswork out of reading the number. In addition, I can see smaller differences in my weight. Sometimes knowing that you lost half a pound can make a huge difference in my effort. It shouldn't, but it does.

And you have no idea how truly excited I was that my scale came equipped with batteries! None of this "Batteries Not Included" bull. lol. And it automatically turns itself on and off, so you don't waste your batteries. I don't know about you, but these are precious commodities at my house. We are always out of them. I think the sock trolls have upgraded.

The scale is also capable of storing 8 separate user identities. Holy cow! My Mom's scale only allowed for three users and there were five of us. Only the truly dedicated were given priority. This scale should accommodate most families, even us Mormons. Jkjk. Although I think it only stores your most recent weigh-in. And it has a 400 lb capacity so it should accommodate most users as well.

The red line is a day I forgot to weigh-in.

You can also weigh yourself in the weightless version! What is weightless weighing? Well, you can set your measurements to read only your progress and not your scale number. Instead of reading that you are 147 lbs today, it would read that you didn't go to the gym this week and are +1.7 lbs or if you have stuck to your diet then maybe it would read that you are -5.4 lbs. I really like to see just my progression. It keeps me from focusing on the number of the day. When I see the + I know that I have been slacking and need to do better.

Being able to use the free app is such a lifesaver! Instead of jotting my weight down on a piece of paper and losing it, my numbers go straight to my cell. It is not bluetooth enabled, but they do have an upgraded version that is. After weighing yourself, you simply press the "+" button in the app and focus the QR code in your screen and it is in your phone! Just make sure you actually confirm the number is correct by pressing the "Submit" button. I made the mistake of just leaving the screen each time. Later on I realized I never actually logged those measurements. Oops! It's really not hard to use at all. I just have a knack for making things harder than they need to be.

And the sticker is more like a window cling-on. It came right off.

So, if you're in the market for a new scale, or want to enter the digital age with me then I definitely recommend this scale. It has worked perfect for me. 
You can find it on Amazon HERE
This company stands behind their product and provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and 5 Year Warranty. 

I received mine for free as a product to test and review. However, these are my own opinions and truly reflect how I feel about the product. If you have any questions for me just leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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  2. I bought one and they sent me two. LOL, I called them and tried to explain and they only told me that this partcular vendor would not take returns. Do even thought scale has room for many users we each use our own, LOL. It's worked great up until tonight when it's given me a different Weight reading all of which are way off of what my reading was yesterday. Not sure why or how to fix.. maybe that's the reason the sent me two?

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