Monday, August 3, 2015

Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Have you ever gotten your hands dirty?
Hopefully your answer is, "Yes!" If not, then you have some living to do. 

Have you ever panicked when you realize that both of your hands are covered in raw meat from mixing hamburger, or slathered in shortening and marshmallow while pressing Rice Krispy Treats? It happens to me every time. I end up using my dirty hands to turn on the water and to dispense the soap. This results in me having to wash my faucet and soap dispenser with cleaner. What is more absurd than having to use soap to clean your bottle of soap?

My prayers have been answered though! It's an automatic, touch-free soap dispenser. It is made by the company SimpleOne. I'm not always a fan of technology, but I LOVE this! It really has helped me more than I can tell you. 

The soap dispenser uses Infrared Sensor Technology to determine when to dispense the soap. You just place your hand underneath the sensor and wha-la! It makes it so that you don't have to touch the pump on the soap bottle and spread germs. This is wonderful when you have messy kids or husbands. 

And the dispenser itself was designed with simplicity in mind. The wide opening makes it easier to refill and prevent messy cleaning spills. The silicone valve prevents the dispenser from dripping or clogging. There is a clear window on the body of the dispenser so that you can monitor how much soap is left in the bottle. There's nothing worse than running out of soap when your hands are covered in sludge. The soap tank is refillable and very large. Plus, the entire dispenser is sleek and smooth, and so if you happen to get it messy somehow then you can easily wipe it clean. It runs on four AAA alkaline batteries, but is supposed to be energy efficient and last for over one whole year! I haven't had mine that long, so I cannot testify to whether or not this claim is true. They come in two colors though, Arctic White and Liquid Silver.

Best of all, you can use hand soap, kitchen soap, foam soap (the website says that you can, but the manual says not to?), shampoo, or hand sanitizer in it. I keep mine at the kitchen sink because that's where my hands are always the messiest. I want to get another one for the bathroom sink. I think the next time I have a baby I am going to fill it with sanitizer and keep it by the front door and every time somebody comes to visit the new baby they can easily rid their hands of germs before they spread any sickness. 

This is definitely a product that I love! I think that every house should have one of these. Actually I think every bathroom should have one of these, especially public ones. If you want to wash away your germ-spreading worries then check them out on Amazon. You can find them HERE. I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. 

Now I just need to win the lottery so that I can afford the touch-less water faucet...

You can also check out the video review on Youtube

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