Friday, May 29, 2015

For Fit Sake Weightlifting Gloves

I am a girl.
I am an athlete.
I am feminine.
I am tough.

But I don't like it when my skin is.

I like to be soft and girly, but I also love to be toned and muscularly defined.
I believe that you can be both.

I want to have my cake and it eat it too. Literally.

I always wear gloves when I hit the weights at the gym. I've worn through quite a few pairs. 
I am so thankful that I trashed my gloves and not my hands.

I've come to know that there are HUGE differences with weight-lifting gloves. Here are a few things to consider before you buy your next pair:

Are they easy to get on your hands?
Are they easy to get OFF your hands?
Are they affordable?
Are they cute?
Do they come in different sizes?
Are they the right size for you?
Are they easy to clean?
Are they durable?
Do they protect the callus-prone areas of your hands?
Are they going to snag your cute workout clothes?
Do they pinch your hands?
Do they grip?
Are they comfortable?

As you can see, there are more things to consider than "Are these workout gloves?"
I have dealt with a lot of these issues. Some of them are tolerable and some of them are downright aggravating. Don't assume the raging Hulk at the gym suffers from 'roid-rage. It's probably just his annoying gloves. Jkjk.

Most guys I know don't wear gloves at the gym because "gloves are for girls." Then again, most guys I know at the gym have grotesque hands. No way would they ever touch me with their deformed palms and fingers. If I ever go into cardiac arrest while working out, I hope somebody that wears gloves is the one performing CPR on me. Or else I might end up asphyxiating on my vomit when they bring me back from the dead. Ok, so this may be a slight exaggeration. This mainly pertains to the guys that do a lot of chin-ups or dead-lifts. This is for the guys that have raw and bloody hands that are constantly peeling off the dead remnants of their palms.

I love wearing gloves. They help me grip. I actually feel like it is easier to do chin-ups, pull-ups, dead-lifts, etc. when wearing gloves. Not because they take any of the effort away, but because I don't have to quit early because my hands are in pain. 

For Fit Sake has created a weightlifting glove that is unlike any other that I have tried. They are only four-fingered. They do not wrap around your thumb. They do not cover your entire palm. And they only go up to the first joint in my fingers. They do look a little odd. And they definitely feel different.
But they work. 

I like the fact that they don't cover my entire palm. It makes it so that my hands don't get nearly as hot as usual, which means less sweat. I also like that they don't go beyond the Proximal Inter-Phalangeal Joint. I have had gloves that cover this area and they feel very awkward. It makes it more difficult to get a good grip.

I wish they were a little tighter though. I like things snug and sure when I'm lifting something that weighs nearly as much as I do. I feel like I'm constantly having to readjust them. They bulge along the palm area when I make a fist. It could just be that my hands are very petite though.

The material is very breathable however. This is great because exercise gear tends to build up bacteria. I can throw mine in the wash and they turn out just fine. I don't put them in the dryer. I just let mine air-dry.

There is a honeycomb design that runs along each finger to help increase grip. It's not a ton though. As soon as you release your grip your gloves will too. Some gloves are covered in an excessive amount of grip material. This is not the case with these gloves.

If you're into Crossfit Training, rope climbing, weight-lifting, or bodybuilding then you could definitely benefit from these gloves. They will protect the delicate skin of your palms and prevent it from developing callouses or tearing. For Fit Sake's weightlifting gloves are a great alternative to taping. You have to replace them far less often; they are easier to apply; and they create less waste. 

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE.

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