Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Love Stinks

Love stinks.

Robin Wagner knows this better than most people. A marriage that ended in divorce has left her as distrusting as her grumpy old cat, John Wayne. Lucky for her, she has her girlfriends that are always by her side and pushing her, if not dragging her, towards happiness. In an attempt to quiet her family and friends she attempts the internet dating scene. As always, love stinks. After weeding through the losers, perverts, and psychos she finally finds prospects and gives it a go. Though not before she runs into a friend from her past that has scars of his own. 

It's a story full of comedic flare and a dash of romance. It's cheeky, witty, and surprising just like Robin. It will have you laughing, hurting, and swooning all in one. I loved the witty remarks. Even the serious moments were chalked full of repartee. I fell in love with the story as soon as I started reading. 

I could relate to the main character in many ways. Here is a small excerpt from Robin's online dating profile for you to enjoy:
Favorite Food: I bet that’s like asking a mom which is her favorite kid. I totally love all kinds of food as long as it doesn’t have curry in it. Currently, I’m having a bad romance with cookie dough ice cream and boneless honey barbecue wings with ranch. But not at the same time. Shhh…they don’t know about each other.

Although I did get a little nervous. After reading the prologue and getting a couple of chapters into the book I thought I might have accidentally dipped into a XXX novel. I found relief when it never actually got into the details of her romances. There are many sexual mentions scattered about and so it is definitely an adult read. For those that are bothered by panty-dropping references this is probably not a book for you.

There is also a lot of cursing. I am usually bothered by the use of swear words. I think they are demeaning and lack purpose. Though, in this book they help to create the character. Robin is not a proper lady like her mother. She is bold, rough, and unapologetic. She knows who she is and what she wants. She is unwilling to change for anyone, especially a man. If cursing is too offensive to you then I would not recommend this book to you either.

But the story is great. I loved this novel by Paulette Oakes. It had me hooked immediately. I could not put it down. I actually kept my daughters up until 11pm just so I could finish it. It was that captivating! It is one of the best stories that I have read in a long time. Paulette is a truly talented writer. 

I knew it was a good book because I was sad when it ended. Luckily, it's not completely over. It is part of the Love Me Right series. Love Hurts will be the next book. I cannot wait for it to be released so that I can continue reading and following the story. The cliffhanger was too much for me to bear. 

If you're looking for your next addicting read then this is a great choice. I highly suggest this book to anyone that has ever been hurt by love or is just looking for a book that they can jump into, heart and all. 

You can find it on Amazon HERE.
You can also check out her profile and other books that she has written HERE.

I was given this opportunity to read this novel for free in return for an honest review. 

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