Saturday, March 12, 2016

Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

The moment I heard that you could slice vegetables and use them like noodles I knew I needed a vegetable slicer. I finally found one at the local kitchen store. It was $50 though! That was way more than I expected. I spent at least 30 minutes debating the purchase while I browsed the shelves. I ended up buying it because I didn't want to live without it.

A couple of years later I received a handheld spiralizer. I did not like it nearly as much. It was far cheaper, but 10x as much work. Plus, it only came with two options - large noodles or small noodles. The cleanup wasn't particularly easy either. The one perk that it did have was that it takes up very little space to store.

I like my 5-Blade Spiralizer by Brieftons so much better. It is very similar to the model I already have in my cupboard. I like the one that I paid $50 for the most because it came in the best condition. For some reason the Brieftons Spiralizer's claw came really dirty and damaged. It looked as if it had been dropped and smashed on the warehouse floor. However, if you want something that works and is $20 cheaper then you should definitely get Brieftons Spiralzer.

It comes with 5 separate blade options: Angel-Hair Blade, Fine-Shredding Blade, Crude-Shredding Blade, Curly-Fry Blade, and Flat Blade. These five blades make it possible to make - curly fries, potato twists, gourmet salads, vegetable pastas/noodles/spaghetti, vegetable pizza toppings, apple chips, garnishes, onion rings, coleslaw, soups, and much more.

However, not all fruits and vegetables are well-suited for this machine. I wanted to make carrot ribbons, but could not find a way. I tried to use the Flat Blade on a carrot and failed miserably. I could not get the carrot to stay on the food holder. It fell off as soon as I started to twist. I tried multiple times, but gave up quickly. I have had great success with sweet potatoes and zucchini though. They advise against soft foods. They have listed recommended fruits and vegetables for your success:

Sweet Potato
Daikon Radish
Butternut Squash

You can store the unused blades in the storage compartment, but I've only been able to put to blades in at once. If you store another one in the slot on the top of the slicer then you only have two floating in your cupboard. I wish the had a safe and covered storage compartment for all of the blades.

You can easily take the machine apart for cleaning. They suggest using warm water nd mild detergent to rinse it. And it is dishwasher safe! I have handwashed it and it's not too bad. You have to be REALLY careful so that you don't slice your finger in the water bath. There are a lot of parts and it takes up a decent amount of space, but it's worth it.

The meals that you can make with a spiralizer are absolutely delicious and healthy. I love that I can get so much fiber and nutrients in my meals now. Plus, I now have access to recipes for my spiralizer thanks to Brieftons.

If you want to start spiralizing as well you can find one like mine HERE.

I received a sample of this product complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my personal opinions and experiences. Thanks for reading!

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