Sunday, February 21, 2016

iClever Bluetooth Speaker

I'm always afraid of purchasing from brands that I don't recognize. That is a regular occurrence when purchasing from Amazon. Most of the brands are smaller businesses that are only found on Amazon. And without being able to hold the product in my hands and examining it before purchasing makes me feel like I am playing Russian Roulette. I tend to fall on the unlucky side.

Lucky for me, the iClever Speaker was a happy surprise. It was better than I expected. It was nice and sturdy. It felt like a quality product that would be very durable. The outer shell looks very rugged and ready for any outdoor adventure. I like the orange and black color scheme. 

It was extremely easy to pair with the Bluetooth on my phone. It took less than 30 seconds. And once it was connected it worked flawlessly. It has about the same range as my Bose Bluetooth Speaker. They booth start to lose connection at the same distance in my house. Which is supposed to be 10 meters. I haven't measured it, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate. 

It actually has more features than my Bose though. When I am listening to Pandora I can actually skip to the next song using the speaker. My Bose requires me to unlock my phone, access the Pandora app, and then press the skip button. I love this button!

Plus, I can actually receive phone calls through my iClever Speaker! My Bose doesn't do that. I can answer, end, and reject a phone call through my speaker. Not to mention, actually talk through the speaker. That is great for when my phone is plugged into the wall or my hands are busy in the kitchen. Did I mention that you can actually call the last person you placed a call to from your speaker as well? Yep! Tried it and it works. 

I got this speaker mainly for when I go jogging though. I have to take my girls on 99% of my runs which means that I have to use my jogging stroller. I don't use my earbuds when I run with my girls because I want to make sure that I can hear them. I also like to make sure that I am more aware of my surroundings and any noises that might indicate danger. That meant no music for me for a long time. I die without music or constant conversation when I am running. I have to get out of my head and distract myself from the pain and discomfort. The iClever is perfect for my runs! I can tuck my phone away in the diaper bag and forget about it. I can listen to music while listening for cars and talking to my little girls. And if a song comes on that I don't think is appropriate for their little ears then I can easily skip it. If somebody calls me while on a run I can answer it without having to rummage through the diaper bag. I can run straight through the sprinklers on hot days without worrying about damaging my Ipod. Plus, if I am caught in a rain shower I know that my phone is tucked securely away and I won't miss a beat. 

I love this speaker! No, the sound isn't the same quality as my Bose, but it still sounds great! No, the phone calls aren't crystal clear, but they sound just as good as my car's Bluetooth. The only thing that I wish that it came with was a car charger or at least the plug that goes into the outlet. It came with a USB cord and an audio jack, but when I'm out on adventures a cord that is compatible with a normal outlet or a car would be handy. Other than that, I love this little gadget. 

If you want to check them out, you can find them on Amazon HERE.

p.s. This is their image. Not mine. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest trial and review. These are my personal opinions and experiences. 

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