Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beabies Teething Necklace

Have I told you how much I love teething necklaces?!

They are so cute and so much fun! And practical. 

If you have ever had a teething baby then you already know how hard it is to soothe, entertain, and calm them. They grab everything and try to gnaw on anything they can fit in their mouths. My hair, hands, shoulder, and chin have all been subjected to the teething massacre. 

When my babies are teething they like to be held. That means that both my hands are occupied. One with a baby and the other with a toy. I've tried letting them hold their own toys, but they always end up dropping them. Since it is a toy that is going to end up in their mouth that means I have to wash it before I give it back to them. It's a non-stop cycle. Kind of like The Song That Never Ends...

This is the toy that always drops
Yes, it goes on the floor, ker-plop!
This mommy started giving it to her babies gnawing jaws
And she'll keep on cleaning it forever just because...

Lamb Chops anyone? Or am I just that cool, that I'm the only one that gets the reference? Ok, now that I have clearly embarrassed myself and revealed my age, I hope I got my point across.

Having a toy strung around your neck solves this problem. Especially if it is one that is meant for them to chew on. They can drop and retrieve it as much as they need to or would like to. Let's face it, every kid finds it wildly entertaining to watch mommy chase toys to the ground over and over. 

Beabies' Teething Pendant is actually designed for babies to mash and gnash. The pendant is large enough that if somehow your baby managed to remove it from the string they would not be able to choke on it. They are made from food-grade silicone. They are BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Rubber-Free, and Lead-Free. They are FDA approved and do not contain any vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. They are also taste and smell-free. This means they are extremely safe for your little one. 

I don't use teething gels or tablets on my kids. The chemicals, toxins, and additives are something I try to avoid. I don't like the idea of pain meds being administered at that age unless they are absolutely necessary. I try to find alternatives to help relieve the pain. Teething necklaces are an awesome solution. You can even freeze or refrigerate them for extra help.  

Plus, who doesn't like to make being a Mom cute?! These necklaces are quite fashionable compared to a wet teething bib, washcloth, stuffed animal, or binky. The string is smooth and soft against your neck, which is necessary for yanking. The pendant is a very pretty teal color. It is great for any spring or summer attire. I love wearing mine at church when I'm all dressed up and holding a baby in my arms for 3 hours straight. Sometimes I even place a binky on the string next to the teether. It keeps them extra busy. They like to chase the two around.

These are also great for little ones that aren't teething. It is something that they can safely play with while being held and carried. It is heavy enough that it flops around. And the color is vibrant and easily catches their attention. The hole in the center is great for their little exploring fingers. I like to wear it while I'm nursing because it helps to keep her wandering hands busy. No more pinching, scratching, or hair pulling. Yes, I am still sporting long hair. No mommy cut for me yet. 

I LOVE this teething pendant made by Beabies because it comes practically gift-wrapped. It comes in an adorable little package that's ready to give at any baby shower. This is something that I have never seen given at a shower. Moms-to-be usually end up with duplicates of everything. It would be a very unique gift. This is one thing that both baby and mommy will truly appreciate. Plus, the color makes it perfect for either gender.

When you do decide to clean it, which should be fairly often still (just not a million times a day), it is quite easy. You can toss it in the dishwasher along with all of the other baby items. Or you can boil it on the stove (some of us don't have dishwashers). 

I do not recommend giving this as a toy for your baby to play with. The string could be a hazard. As long as it is around an adult's neck it is safe though. It even features a quick-release clasp in case you get it caught on something. Or if you have a miniature-sized Hulk in your arms. They talk about amazing mommy-strength in times of  danger, but I believe babies have double that strength in what they deem to be dire situations.... like nap time. This necklace should be able to withstand the abuse though. It seems like very high quality material and durable. They are very pliable and great for chewing. I can easily bend it in my hands. It does not feel like it would break, tear, or snap. I even bit it and there was no damage done to the pendant. Don't worry, I washed it after. I just wanted to see if it could actually withstand teeth. And it did!

Whether you're looking for yourself, someone else, or your baby this is a great gift! 
If you want to check out the same teether, you can find it on Amazon HERE.
Or you can find it on their website HERE.

I received mine complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and trial. I have truly enjoyed using it and would recommend it to my readers.

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  1. I've never seen one that doesn't get dirty. That is wonderful!