Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Xtava Makeup Brushes

Let's start off by saying, "I am in no way a beauty pro."

I love makeup though! I love all the pretty palettes. I love the textures. I love the shimmer. I love the millions of colors. I love that you can make yourself feel better in a matter of strokes. I love that you can cover your imperfections and disguise your concerns. I love that you can literally change how the world sees you in a matter of minutes.

I am who I am and I love being Me, but there's something about makeovers that is just so much fun!
This is why I would rather be a girl than a boy any day. Yes, even though we have to pee sitting down.

I love that there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your face. Sadly, I only use two of them. No makeup and neutral. I'm pretty boring if I do say so myself. I used to have pinks, browns, whites, purples, blacks, blues, reds, and even greens. Now it's just varying colors of brown and taupe. Wow! I am lame. In a world that you can express yourself any way you'd like, I've chosen brown?

I've never really felt comfortable when I've experimented. I usually end up feeling like a 5-year old wearing her mom's makeup. That or a dollar store hooker. I feel like I always end up looking like I'm trying too hard.

But there are girls that are out there that do it flawlessly. And they have even created makeup tutorials to help the rest of us. Bless their souls! They have helped me so much with just the basics. 

This girl is my favorite!

The #1 most important thing that they have taught me is that you need brushes!

I have tried to use cheap brushes or the applicators that come with the grocery store makeup. But it is not the same! High quality brushes make a huge difference! And I finally own the best brushes I have ever used! 

They are made by Xtava.

Every girl needs the basics. From experimenting with a bold smoky eye to mastering your signature "no makeup" look, this kit has all you need. This is your expert essentials kit. It provides you with the best of the basics - 1 Powder Brush, 1 Foundation Brush, 1 Kabuki Brush, 1 Eye Shadow Base Brush, 1 Eye Shader Brush, 1 Precision Eyebrow Definer Brush, and 1 Lip Brush.  

The brushes are a strategic blend of synthetic and natural bristles. This helps to deliver a more enhanced coverage. The varied texture of natural fibers best attract and deposit powdered products, while smooth synthetic materials are utilized for the liquid brushes to ensure expert absorption and streak-free results. The handles are handcrafted from ultra-lightweight wood. This allows for optimal ease during application without compromising on flawless application.

The kit is accented by it's gorgeous clutch case for easy storage. It is soft, but sturdy. The canvas cover flap keeps your brushes clean and protected. The fitted brush slots keep your brushes perfectly in place. The zippered pocket is a great addition to store your daily essentials for quick touch-ups on the go. It is even cute enough that you can leave your purse at home for a night out on the town! 

The Xtava Classic Essentials Kit is a must have for every beauty guru. Whether you are an expert seeking a new high-quality set of basics or a newbie just starting your first makeup collection, this kit is a must-have. The seven brushes included in this kit are the most versatile building blocks for any makeup collection. 

I highly recommend this kit for everyone who uses makeup. 
All of the brushes included in the kit are fabulous, but my absolute favorite is the foundation brush! The bristles are all so soft and compacted. They provide me with the most flawless coverage I have ever had with any of my foundations. This brush alone makes the kit worth it. 

My second favorite is the eyebrow definer. Holy mackerel! This brush is heaven sent. It made doing my eyebrows so easy. And they look fantastic. Love it!  

If your makeup routine is needing a little TLC, or it just feels like it's missing something then try this kit! It will make your morning so much better! You can find it on Amazon HERE.

I was given this brush kit in return for an honest review.

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