Thursday, October 20, 2016

Berlando Diaper Bag

If you have children then you know of the Mommy Essentials is a diaper bag. I don't know how people survive without one. I wear mine out. With each child I have had to get a new bag because after a year or two of lugging it around EVERYWHERE it is trashed.

That's because it gets used for everything. It's used for meal times, nap times, play time, vacations, church, shopping, visiting, exercising, and for most potty times. My socks don't even get that much use.

That's why you need something that will last. Something that will hold up when your toddler is tearing everything apart. Something that makes motherhood easier, not more uncomfortable and stressful.

And it would help if it was cute because let's face it, the diaper bag becomes your purse. And I really don't want my fashion accessory to look like it's made from used diapers.

That's why I love the Berlando Diaper Bag. It is cute, easy to use, versatile, durable, gender-neutral, and can attach to your stroller. Pretty much everything I have bought (except for clothes) has been in the green and gray colors because I don't want to have to buy all new stuff if I end up having a boy.

The material is perfect for a diaper bag because it dries quickly if it gets soggy. It can be washed easily. It will hold up after being dropped, dragged, kicked, pulled, thrown, and swung. I can open it with one hand while it's on my shoulder, and I can even close it with one hand.

Plus, there are plenty of pockets. 
There is one huge pocket on the backside that is held shut with a magnetic button. 
There are also two drink pockets, one on each end. 
There is one long, adjustable, and removable shoulder that has a cushion.

There is also a permanent handle on the top for carrying the bag.

Under the front flap there are two pockets with magnetic button closures.

The entire front panel is also a zippered pocket. 
Inside there are two elastic pockets, two open pockets, and two drink holders.

There is plenty of storage in this bag. 

And it comes with an extremely soft, matching blanket. It is the perfect fabric for cuddling. It is the right size for car seats and strollers. It can be used for girls or boys. It is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried.

If you are looking for a gift for a baby shower then I definitely recommend this diaper bag. Any expectant mother would be grateful for such a necessary gift. And if you're shopping for yourself then you can't go wrong with it either.

You can find it on Amazon, HERE.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are completely my own. 

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