Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5-Way Off the Shoulder Tunic

Hello, my name is Caraline and I LOVE clothes.
I do NOT plan on completing any 12 step programs for this addiction though. 
I mean seriously. How many people out there don't love clothes?
And I am completely in LOVE with this Off the Shoulder Tunic made by Simlu.

It can be worn 5 different ways!

And it comes in 22 different colors/patterns.
You could almost wear a different one every day next month... almost. I'm sure they could fix that if we really needed them to. 

The material is soft and comfortable. It is stretchy, but not tight. The bottom layer stays nice and snug against your body while the top layer flows and hangs delicately against you. If you have trouble spots (i.e. those love handles) then this shirt will be your new best friend. It is so flattering and girly. 

I absolutely love mine. You can wear it dressy or casual. You could even wear to the club on Saturday night and to church on Sunday morning. There are 5 different ways to wear it:

1. Both shoulders covered
2. Hanging off the right shoulder
3. Hanging off the left shoulder
4 Hanging off both shoulders
5. Just hanging onto your chest.

This shirt is a must have for those that are on a budget and want to expand their wardrobe with just one item. You're pretty much buying 5 shirts in 1. 

You can find it on Amazon HERE

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review.

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