Monday, February 15, 2016

Stability Exercise Ball by Peak Win Athletics

I remember when stability balls became the hottest new thing for exercising. Everyone wanted them and every exercise video used them. Somewhere along the way they kind of got tossed to the side though. Why?

I love using stability balls. I always felt like I was the only one that ever used them at the gym though. Is it because they aren't made of metal? Do people think they belong on the playground? Is it awkward and embarrassing to use in front of others? If so, then people need to grow up... err umm... find their inner child.

My favorite ab exercises include stability balls. I mean it is right there in the name. Stability requires a center of balance and a strong core most of all. If you want abs then I suggest using a bright pink bouncing ball.

Okay, it doesn't have to be pink, but my new one is and I LOVE it! Pink is my absolute favorite color, and this is the perfect hue. I know it is completely ridiculous, but I am much more prone to work out if I feel cute and I like my equipment. I just enjoy WAY more than if I am feeling blah.

This is actually the third stability ball that I've owned. I had a large blue one and a smaller gold one. This is the first one that has come with a measuring tape however. They always posted the intended size on the box, but I always pumped them up until I assumed they were full and called it good. I now realize that I could've been 10+ inches off! What??!! Yeah.

I started pumping this one up until I thought it was firm. I then pulled out my measuring tape and it was nowhere near the 81 inches it was supposed to fill to. I was only at 66 inches. So, I kept pumping. I got it to 73 and I thought for sure it was going to burst! Nope. I got it to 77 inches and put the plug in and called it good. I didn't want to ruin my pretty ball. Then I decided it wouldn't be a true review unless I put it to its limits. So, I made my daughter leave the room just in case it exploded and killed us all. I removed the plug (they actually give you a tool to do this) and I kept pumping. I pumped until the circles lined up on the measuring tape at 81 inches. WHOA!!! How did it grow another 14 inches??? I was kind of nervous about sitting on it. How embarrassing would it be if I popped it? Nope. It held me just fine. And it has suffered tons of abuse ever since. My kids love to play with it. It has been pressed up against our rocky fireplace, thrown down the stairs, kicked, and sumo-smashed. It is way tougher than I thought it would be!

I also love this ball because they give you 2 plugs! My other balls only came with one each. If you lost the plug while it was deflated and being stored then you were screwed. As I mentioned before, it actually comes with a tool to remove the plug. It is super easy to do. No more gnawing at your ball or whipping out the butter knife and praying that you don't cut your ball. They also give you an instruction guide that directs proper inflation and deflation. And a manual of suggested exercises and proper form with recommend repetitions. Not to mention, the LIFETIME guarantee.

Ok, so I put together a short routine for you to try out. I am extremely out of shape right now, so my form kind of sucks so please forgive me. Plus, my house is a disaster zone. After two weeks of sickness it looks like we live in our own filth. I am so sorry. P.s ignore my lovely husband's Dr. Pepper. That is not mine. Just remember that you should hold your abs in tight and keep your back straight. Try to keep a straight line from the top of your head down then entire length of your spine. Try to point your toes as well and keep your legs straight. Good Luck!

Try to do each move 15x (reps)
And complete the workout 4x (sets)

I got my Peak Win Athletics Stability Ball off of Amazon. You can find it HERE.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my personal opinions and experiences. Thank you for reading!

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