Thursday, February 4, 2016

Belephant Baby Wrap Sling Carrier

Since I became a mother of two I have not had the time to hit the gym. My arms are string beans now. The muscle has disappeared. I mean it has vanished. Poof! Gone. Both of my babies were at least 20 lbs by the 6 month mark. And both of them wanted to be held and cuddled 24/7. I try to my best to meet their needs and give them the attention they need, but my arms just can't do it. Most people that ask to hold my girls can barely make it 10 minutes before they are exhausted. I needed something that would take the weight off for me.

My sister gave me her Baby Bjorn to use with my girls. I like the Belephant way better! The Baby Bjorn always hurt my shoulders. This does not. Especially when you wear it correctly ( I wore it slightly wrong in my original pics. You're supposed to fan the material out over your shoulders.). I can wear the Belephant a lot longer than I can wear my Bjorn.
I even tried another brand's sling carrier, but the material was so slick that it would slide all over the place. It had a ring to cinch it tight, but the material was constantly sliding out and loosening itself. Plus, my baby would slide out of it. I had to keep one arm constantly supporting it. It was more of a hassle than it was a help. 

That is why I am in LOVE with the Belephant Baby Wrap Sling Carrier!

It stays put. I don't even have to double knot it. The material catches itself and holds your baby securely against you. No extra snaps, straps, hooks, rings, belts, or clips. It is so comfortable!!! The material is like a soft blanket. You feel like your swaddling your baby and yourself in  a warm hug.

This one carrier can actually replace a ton of items! You can leave the stroller at home and chase your toddler around the park while keeping your infant with you. You don't need to pack a shopping cart protector with you to the store. You can wear it on a short hike during the Spring and Fall months. I forgot my baby's blanket for her nap one day and I used her carrier instead to cover her. I've even used it as a nursing cover when I was desperate at the mall.

I mainly use mine at home however. I just don't get out much during the winter. My babies have both had colic and acid reflux and so the constantly want to be held and comforted. I love snuggling them, but it makes it impossible to get anything done around the house. This has been a lifesaver. I can now do dishes, laundry, sweep the floors, vacuum, and dust while holding my baby. She loves it because it feels like I am embracing her.

This baby carrier is completely hands-free! I don't have to use my hands to support her. I love it. And best of all, you can wear it three different ways. Your baby can be forward facing when they want to see the action. Or they can face you and have their arms out and free to move or all swaddled up.

The carrying case is convenient because this wrap is huge. It keeps it all nice and tidy so that you can store it in your car, purse, diaper bag, stroller, or wherever else life might take you. Plus, it's washable. You can clean it if you happen to get it dirty during your adventures.

If there is one baby product that I recommend to new Moms it is a good carrier. And this is a great one! This is definitely the best one I have ever used!

You can find them for your next Baby Shower on Amazon HERE.
Plus, you can shop with peace of mind because they offer a Lifetime Warranty!

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my own opinions and experiences.

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