Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bonjour Cuisine Silicone Baking Mat

If your New Year's Resolution involves losing weight then I have a product that might simplify your endeavors. It's Bonjour Cuisine's Silicone Baking Mat

How does a silicone mat cut calories? Good question. It will take away the need for greasing your sheets. 

The silicone baking mats act similar to parchment paper. They create a barrier between your food and your dishes. They protect your pans from getting burned and brown, and they also prevent sticking. Seriously, such an ingenious idea.

Parchment paper is expensive. And it's not reusable. I've tried, but it doesn't work very well and it's not very clean. Plus, all of those rolls you go through just end up clogging up the landfills. With these silicone mats you are going to save some major pennies and the Earth.

I've used them for baked chicken strips, roasted broccoli, roasted brussel sprouts, chocolate chip cookies, and brown-sugared butternut squash. Everything cleaned up perfectly. I have even placed one of these mats on the oven rack below my breads and cakes that I've baked to prevent dripping on the bottom of my oven. I have a convection oven and so I can't place anything on the bottom of it. This little trick has saved me from unnecessary spills and cleanup!

When I made my squash it was a HUGE mess. I found This Recipe on Pinterest and was not impressed. Next time I will be dicing up the squash first and then placing it in a casserole dish to bake. Anyways, my mats saved me. Practically all of the butter and brown sugar ran off of squash and then cooked onto my mat and pan. I was so sad. Lucky for me, it washed right off. It was so easy to clean all thanks to my mats.

The only thing that I don't like about the mats is their size. It's smaller than the other pair that I own, and so I thought that they would fit my medium-sized pans. They don't. They only fit on my large pans as well. However, they don't extend all of the way to the edges. There is about a 1cm gap on all sides. I don't like this because when my squash spilled over some of it ran off the mat and onto my pan. Luckily, I could still clean it up easily since it was mainly butter.

My favorite part is the spatula. It is so pretty, purple, and small. At first, I thought it was useless, but I was so wrong. It is so handy. It helps me to scrape all of the contents out of my peanut butter, mayonnaise, jelly, and other condiment jars. It's small enough that it can fit in small-mouthed jars and fit into all of the crooks and crannies. I can now get all of the Nutella out of the canister without getting my paw stuck in the honey pot. The only issue is that my daughter thinks that it was designed especially for her. She loves the color purple and it's small, so it must be a gift for her. It is constantly disappearing. And no matter what I'm creating in the kitchen, she has to use "her" spatula to help me.

Overall, these are the prettiest silicone baking mats! I love them. They work perfectly and clean up nicely. Just be sure to measure your baking sheet before ordering. If you're going to order silicone baking mats then you might as well get one that help you get every drop of jam out of the jar.

I love my set and I hope you will love yours as well!
You can find them on Amazon, HERE.

I received mine complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my personal opinions and experiences.

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