Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2 PM-120 Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

I am always down for a good massage. The only problem is that I can never get one.I can't fork out hundreds of dollars each month for a professional, and my husband's idea of a massage is a light back scratch that is over in just a couple of minutes. I haven't trained my three year old well enough because she just ends up jumping on me or clawing me with her "sharps." It's a work in progress.

Back when I was in high school we owned a tens unit made by Omron. Well, technically it was my Dad's, but I always kidnapped it. It lasted us forever, but they electrode pads wore out. I tried finding replacement pads when I was in college, but I couldn't find any. Yes, I even tried Amazon, Walgreens, and every other local med shop. I was devastated. I got so desperate that I used medical wraps to hold the electrodes against me. Without the gel though the pulses just aren't as strong.

About three years ago I happened to be walking through the mall around Christmas-time and there was a kiosk selling tens units called IQ Massager. I was so ecstatic! I decided to get one for my Dad for Christmas to replace the one I overused many years ago. I wanted to buy one for myself, but they were asking $150 for each one. OUCH! I only purchased one and even though I desperately wanted to keep it for myself I gave it to my Dad. Of course the electrode pads wore out over time and by the next Christmas I kept checking for the kiosk to return so that I could buy replacement pads, but it never did.

So, you can only imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review one in December. It was a Christmas miracle!!! Jkjk. 

I purchased it from Amazon and it arrived within 2 days. It came in a very functional box. I know it is kind of weird to talk about the packaging, but it is necessary in this case. The box is very sturdy and seals shut using magnets. You'll be able to safely store your massager after each use without losing all of the parts.

The device felt pretty light in comparison to the IQ Massager. It felt pretty cheap in comparison, but that's because the IQ Massager felt more like you were holding an Ipod. The Santa Medical tens unit felt more similar to the plastic Omron casing, but slightly cheaper. But it was cheaper to purchase, so it didn't really matter to me as long as it worked.

When I turned on the display it was exactly like the IQ Massager. It features a pie chart that you can cycle through to choose which mode you would like to use. Below it has the buttons for Start, Pause, Mode, Increase, Decrease, and Time. To save your battery there is a sliding button on the top of machine that you use to power it on and off. That is where you will also find the two ports to attach the electrodes. To recharge the battery you insert the cord at the base of the machine.

The massager comes with two cords that attach to two pads each. You can use all four on one location or you can opt to massage to separate body parts at the same time. I even tried not connecting one cord and only using two pads and the machine still worked properly.

I love these machines. They are lifesavers! I used to run up to 16 miles a day when I was in high school and these always helped to relieve the pain from my aching muscles. When it was necessary for me to do physical therapy for the Osgood Schlatter's Disease in my knees during Cross Country they used a high-grade tens unit on me. I used to also get horrible charlie horses. I mean they were bad. The muscles would spasm so much that they would lock.

One day I was sitting in my room talking to my brother when my foot went completely nuts. The muscles in the bottom of my foot tightened up so much that it forced my toes to curl under. This had happened to me plenty of times before, but usually I could massage it out with my hands and it would end. Not this time. The muscle kept tightening. I was literally on the ground throwing myself back and forth trying to escape the pain. My brother tried desperately to force my foot back into its normal position, but the muscle wouldn't release. By this time I had tears pouring down my face and I was screaming in agony. I was ready to amputate the wretched limb that had turned against me. Luckily, I saw my Dad's tens unit on my desk and had my brother attach it to my foot. Within seconds the electrical current was able to counteract the contracting muscle in my foot. I have never been so thankful for electric shock therapy before in my life.

I have even found that these come quite handy once a month. Due to my good fortune in life I am also the recipient of incapacitating cramps once a month. Before I had children they were much worse. I don't know if it's the cysts or just my hateful body, but they left me crippled each month... or two or three times each month. Ya my body hates me. The tens unit actually helped though. I placed the electrodes on my lower abdomen and would lie on them while doing homework. It was my saving grace since I hated taking the pain meds prescribed by my doctor.

And of course slapping them on an unsuspecting victim is always a hilarious prank. Although I can't recommend doing this since there is a large risk involved. You could injure yourself or someone else when using this product. The body runs on electrical impulses and messing with them can interfere with normal functioning. Never use these on someone with a pacemaker or a serious heart condition without consulting a doctor first. In fact, nobody should really use one without talking to their doctor first. Use at your own risk.

I LOVE mine though and will be wearing it out very soon!

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE. 

I purchased mine at a discounted price in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my personal opinions and experiences.


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