Friday, October 30, 2015

Digistick Selfie Stick

There was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead using a selfie stick. You wouldn't even see me checking them out online hidden away in the darkest corner of my house. I just had this huge disgust towards them. Maybe because they seemed vain? Maybe because you look ridiculous using them? Maybe because it's the trendy thing to do nowadays? No matter what the reasoning, I hated them. 

Not anymore!!!

Now I love selfie sticks! Now I use them all of the time. Now I take one with me practically everywhere. 

It's easy to do that though. My Digistick collapses down and can fit almost anywhere. It is only 7" long when it is all folded up. I can put it in my purse (even my smaller purses), in the jam-packed diaper bag, in my coat pocket, etc. 

And even though it is so small and compact, it stretches all the way out and is solid as a rock. It extends all the way to 32" long. I have no fear of it snapping in half and losing my phone in the deep abyss below. I'm not worried about my children being too rough with it. This thing is sturdy.

And I got it in PINK!!!! Love love love. So pretty!
They also come in blue and green if you're not a pink person though.

It  has helped me take my fitness progress photos, group photos, pictures of us with scenery, pictures of my kid strapped to my back, and even sneaky photos of people that don't let me take their picture. I have even set my phone on the opposite side of the room and clicked the button in my hand and it still works!

If you haven't given the selfie stick life a try then you should. Go ahead, love yourself! After using Digistick I am in love with the brand. I completely trust their product. I received mine complimentary in exchange for an honest trial and review. These are my own experiences and opinions. I am being totally honest when I say that you can trust their product. 

If you'd like to see (for) yourself then head on over to AMAZON.
Or their website HERE.

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