Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Alphashades Car Windshield Sunshade

Living in a desert climate can be very uncomfortable sometimes. Especially if you have to hop in a car that has not been cooled off prior to your entrance. This is why I need to hire a chauffeur. Well, this is why I need to be wealthy enough to be able to hire a chauffeur.

I hate driving anywhere during the summer because I am still driving my old 1997 Plymouth Neon. It does not have tinted windows or a working A/C unit. And if you hop in and think it is hot then you have to get a little workout in trying to hand-crank all of the windows down. I dread driving that human toaster.

The Alphashades Car Windshield Sunshade has made it a little more bearable though. 

When my car is parked I make sure to put up the shade every time. It makes a huge difference for me. My seat does not get nearly as hot as it used to, which means my tush is happy. And now I can actually touch my steering wheel! No more using napkins, gloves, or my favorite game of "how long can I not touch my steering wheel before I careen into oncoming traffic."

Plus, I have noticed a slight decrease in the actual temperature inside my car. It's not a huge difference, but it's something. And it is supposed to protect from 99% of the harmful UV rays, and so your dash and items in your car are less likely to get sun damaged.

When my car is pointed towards the rising or setting sun it also helps to keep the sunlight off my children's seats. There is nothing worse than trying to put your children into the car and realizing you can't because you don't want to singe their skin off. I have even draped this cover over their seats to protect them from sunlight coming in the back window. If you get really crafty you can roll up the fabric edge in the window to to create a drape or tent.

When you're not using it, it can easily be folded up and put back in its carrying case. I can fit the case in the side pocket of my doors. And these pockets are small! You can also store next to the center console or in it. It will also fit under the seat or in the dashboard cubby. It is pretty flat and can go almost anywhere.

I like it because the edges are made of fabric and so it can easily fit  large and small windshields. There is also fabric that runs down the center that you can use to overlap the rings to make it smaller. This section also makes it easy to place around your rear-view mirror to block out more light. I just fold down my visors to hold the sunshade in place.

The company provides a "No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back, Lifetime Guarantee," which makes this a product that I can rest easy with. 
I received a free sample of this product for testing and reviewing purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This is just merely to help you find a company and a product that you can trust.

If you would like to get one for yourself, you can find them on Amazon HERE

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